False Witness


New at Reason: Back in 9/11 days, Elisabetta Burba made up a story about Beirutis cheering over the attacks; now, with a deadly combination of wounded national pride and professional schadenfreude, Michael Young gives Burba a Bronx cheer over her role in passing along the Niger forgeries.

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  1. this is both fascinating and weird. at the same time if anything it proves that we’re paying a lot of people to stay in civil service who obviously don’t belong there.

    also, “homicide bomber” is still a really stupid phrase.

  2. Only the Niger “forgeries” were not relied upon by Bush in his reference to British intelligence and Africa. He never mentioned Niger. Talk about jumping to conclusions!! And I find it difficult to believe there weren’t some Palis and Syrians in Beirut cheering and firing off guns after 9/11. The reporter may not have heard them, but why would the reaction be any different from that in the West Bank or Gaza?

  3. Nice work Michael. I remember your story a while back about Burba and her hostile agenda. Now if only she could be booted from her job. Geraldo Rivera might go apply for the vacancy.

  4. You are so smart, Ikram. Why, after 9/11 I saw a lot of flags on cars and houses in Pennsylvania.

    And by your reasoning, that means Lousiana was probably flag-free. Right?

    After all, not all Americans are the same.

  5. Funny, I remember pictures of the Palestinians in the West Bank & Gaza having spontaneous block parties celebrating the 9/11 attacks. Those may have been doctored up too.

    And I’m sure that the high level Iraqi trade delegation was in Niger to buy the cowpeas and livestock – because an African country whose uranium accounts for 65% of its exports would never think of slipping any yellow cake to a high bidder awash in oil money. (Well, except for that little Osirak blunder in the 80s.)

    “The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa.”

    Hmmmm… don’t see anything in there about Niger, Italian journos handing forged documents to our consulate in Rome, or any reference to the forged documents that “buttressed a falsehood”.

    I guess I’d better not think to hard, and ought to just mouth slogans like “Boosh Lied, Sheeple Died.” Yeah, that’s it. Much simpler.

  6. Robert Speirs said:

    “The reporter may not have heard them, but why would the reaction be any different from that in the West Bank or Gaza?”

    It’s true. All arabs are the same. You sometimes get told that Maronite Christians are different from refugee Palestinians, but this is mostly a made up tale to fool gullible Americans. At least, that’s what Micheal Ledeen tells me.

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