Two at Once… Must Be a Record


Speaking of those rare bits of legislation worth supporting… Reps. Rohrabacher and Hinchey want to stop federal funding for DEA raids on sick people trying to take their medicine. And the Marijuana Policy Project has also set up a page where you can send of a letter to the appropriate representative with a few clicks. Comments from the post below about ignoring how depressing it is that this should be necessary apply, mutatis mutandis. If it weren't for those pesky ex post facto laws, I'd suggest that next we start rounding up suspects for trial in the murder of Peter McWilliams.

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  1. Well, if it doesn’t pass they can always move to Canada (am I allowed to say that here?). Still though, preying on the sick and infirm is more cost-effective. It’s like nature or something, surivival of the fittest, culling of the herd type thing.

  2. Hey, come on up! Our government will even teach you how to take your medicinal pot. Smoking your meds is not recommended, however. Now if only I could remember where I left my nachos . . .

  3. That url doesn’t work for me.

  4. Too bad you have to be rich to move to Canada legally.

  5. Though if you try to start a business on your own to provide people with their medicine you’ll probably get in big trouble; damned in some way no matter where you go, it seems.

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