Let the Mighty Iggle Soar


New at Reason: Whatever happened to Philadelphia freedom? Jeff Taylor gags on a new Pennsylvania homeland security dodge that would keep cheesesteaks out of Eagles games.


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  1. They’re idiots anyway. If they had any brains, they’d have Pat’s and Geno’s stands in the place to sell extravagantly marked-up cheesesteaks.

  2. I love the new America!

  3. I thought it was for the “children”. Nah, they clearly made a mistake – they should have said it was for your health.

    I recall recently the story about Kraft saying they are going to reduce the size of Macaroni & Cheese packages, so that they will be more healthy. No, I shit you not; they are actually going to give you less in a package, charge the same price, and then claim that it is actually a BENEFIT.

    Did you get the part about it being Macaroni & Cheese? Healthy?

    I said it once, and I’ll say it again, and I’ll keep saying it until no one has any choice but to believe and agree with me: America has a Lying Culture. I can only hope that there are cultures in the world that aren’t quite so utterly willing to disconnect from reality completely and totally without an utterly massive backlash, and that somehow “multiculturalism” will save us.

    Nah, just kidding – it’s just culture, and it will likely be the same damn way for as long as I’m alive. Pleasantly, however, Dr. Phil is still legal, even if Philly Steak’n’Cheese is not.

  4. It is a little know fact that the American Revolution was kicked off by Philadelphia plebs protesting King George’s tax on hoagies and cheesesteaks, so watch out!

  5. Ooo, Philly is actually pissed? Oh, well then, now I feel better – at least people are genuinely upset at having their freedom taken away in a way which is so obviously nothing but a blatant grab for money and power hidden behind a smoke screen of safety and protection; “We’re here to protect you.”

    Viva La Revolution! Viva La Things I Am Suddenly In Favor Of Even Though I Think They Are Intrinsically Morally Abominable!

    I hope something horribly painful happens to those responsible – though preferably not fatal, because that’s just mean.

  6. Of course, here’s what is even perhaps more disturbing: They might actually genuinly mean it.

  7. 1. I’ve heard you can always get past bans on outside food with some variant of, “The food you sell here is incompatible with my religion.”

    2. It’s funny how they sold the taxpayers this stadium on the grounds that it would invigorate the local restaurant business.

    3. I don’t go to Eagles games, but the Phillies care even less about their fans than the Eagles, which means they’re GUARANTEED to follow suit.

  8. They tried this in Pittsburgh after they opened PNC Park. Unfortunately for the Pirates, there was no “security” excuse. It was recognized and essentially conceded to be just a blatant move for more money via concessions. They actually backed down.

  9. Good to know that our new security attitude is not impinging on freedom. I was kind of tired of “Give me liberty or give me death” anyway. I’ve always wanted to be a roman plebe.

    Hail to the emprorer.

  10. No different than the ban on outside food that was put in effect a few years ago when Turner Field opened in Atlanta. They too said it was for safety reasons… truth was they wanted the fans to be forced to get their food and drinks from the obscenely overpriced vendors.

    On the plus side, new jokes started to come about on how one would have to take out a loan just to buy a tray of nachos and two half-warm sodas. (If you want cheese, that would require a second loan.)

  11. From AllAccess.com…

    “The hoagie controversy at PHILADELPHIA’s new LINCOLN FINANCIAL FIELD has a casualty, and it’s INFINITY Sports WIP-A/PHILADELPHIA morning co-host ANGELO CATALDI, who’s been suspended for two days without pay for saying that if the EAGLES are picking the security guards at their new stadium, he expected them to be wearing swastikas. The comment followed a major controversy over the team’s new policy to ban outside food at the new stadium, which the team claims is for security reasons but fans used to bringing hoagies to EAGLES games say is a way to force fans to buy food from the concession stands.”

  12. Big deal. It’s not like they’re fooling anyone with the whole security shtick – it’s all about chasin’ them dolla’ signs. You can’t bring outside food into theatres either. Don’t like it? Watch it on satilite and stuff your phat philly phace till you puke.

  13. Unfortunately, the stadium was built with public dollars — and is therefore a public entity, not to be confused with a private stadium that could allow “discrimination” against said sandwiches. Even if it were wholly private, it would just be bad publicity for the owners to disallow what had been done for the last 30 years.

  14. Ok but a lot of places are built with public funds: the State Capitol building, public universities, libraries, theatres (not movie houses), and all of those ban or at least restrict outside food.

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