(Capitalist) Pigs in Spaaaaace


Today is the 34th anniversary of Neil Armstrong's historic moonwalk. The latest issue of Regulation magazine has a cover story on the regulation of space, and Cato recently held a forum on entrepreneurial space exploration to celebrate the release of their book Space: The Free-Market Frontier.


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  1. Dude, we didn’t land on the moon anyway. Smoke and mirrors.

  2. Does Antarctica have high-speed internet and attractive, available women? If not, screw it.

  3. Just make it like Antarctica. No one owns Antarctica.

  4. I’d rather live in America than Antarctica and not just because of the climate.

  5. It wasn’t smoke and mirrors. The landed just outside Sudbury, Ontario. Even at night the pollution from the mines blocks out the stars, and the tailings piles are a perfect “set.”

  6. Just imagine if we had the amount of government at the various times when our western frontiers were being opened up as we do now. Human progress would likely be much less impressive. The lessons for our future in space are manifest.

  7. Hey! How about another sci-fi thread? The last one was really interesting! What about it editors?

  8. Well, if O.J. could take time out from searching for the, “real killer,” they could doe a sequel/remake of Capricorn One. Just update the craft to a Sino-Russo-American co-effort and you’re off to the races. Or, like I said, Sudbury.

  9. “pollution” ??? On the moon? Weird.

  10. Read it again, anon. The pollution is around Sudbury, causing the . . . oh, why the hell am I explaining this anyway?

  11. There go those damn libertarians again, what with their beliefs that people should be free to shoot themselves to the moon while sniffing crack off a prostitutes ass and firing nuclear warheads at the sun, and that it would be nobody else’s business!

    …god I love that line.

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