Paging Preston Brooks


Settle down, children.

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  1. All I wanted was to enjoy my retirement, relax under my beach umbrella, go for a little swim … but then there were the sharks, circling my pension plan (again.)

  2. Sounds like they’re getting as bad as Parliment.

  3. Personally I’ve that this has been coming for quite sometime. Anyone care to place bets on when the first shots of Civil War II are going to be fired?

  4. Yes, $100 bucks.

    1) When they try to outlaw Home Schooling.

    2) When Healtcare becomes totally nationalized.

    3) When taxation exceeds 60% of income (for average Joe’s)

    4) And just before they try to outlaw all guns.

  5. The House Ways and Means Committee has neither the ways nor the means. Discuss! It’s nothing like Taiwan tho 😀

  6. #3 will never happen.

  7. 1 and 4 will never happen, either. And if violence hasn’t broken out among HMO “clients,” I don’t see national health care bringing them out in the streets, either.

  8. Problem is, Tony Blair came to town and got them all worked up…they think it’s the HOuse of Commons and they can carry on all yelling at each other..

  9. Personally, I love watching the House of Commons on C-SPAN, and I give Blair (or any other PM) kudos for having the balls to stand there and take the crap that he does from the Commons reps. Think what would happen if Bush had to do something similar every week before the House…

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