"I Don't Need a Bodyguard"


The FBI is still hunting for Jimmy Hoffa's body. Lurking behind that, John Miller suggests, is the president's equally ill-fated hunt for a Teamsters endorsement next year.

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  1. can’t find Jimmy Hoffa, ergo Jimmy Hoffa never existed

  2. I live and work about 20 miles from where they’re digging, and I know the people that lived in the house for the last 20 years, but no one seems to know why a house in Essexville has any connection to the Teamsters or the Det Mafia. In fact, I’ve had to explain just who the hell Hoffa is on several occasions now. Consensus around these parts is he’s wearing cement shoes at the bottom of the Det river.

  3. i heard he was chopped up and served as hamburger

  4. It’s the worst-kept secret in New Jersey that Jimmy Hoffa now lies under the end zone at the Meadowlands…

    New Jersey joke:
    Q: What’s the Jimmy Hoffa theme song?
    A: The call him Mr. Touchdown…

  5. Forget Hoffa. I always wondered where they buried Frank Fitzsimmons’ brain. He never seemed to have it with him.

  6. If the federal government can’t find Jimmy Hoffa, I guess we can’t expect them to find Osama or Saddam.

  7. Cal:

    Osama underwent plastic surgery and was given a new identity in late 2001. He currently lives in Cleveland, awaiting his next mission. Probably around October 2004, when Bush is likely to need him again.

  8. no jokes about hunting for WMD here? no etting line on which will be found first?

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