Grab a Raincoat, Larry


That's about the only thing missing from Larry King's downright creepy interview with ex-porn star Traci Lords. Dig this walk down Lords' porn past:

KING: What do you feel like?

LORDS: You feel…

KING: What do you feel like?

LORDS: For me, what do I feel like? I felt disconnected from my body, and I felt high a lot and I felt angry. I felt…

KING: Were you turned on or not turned on?

LORDS: It was never about being turned on. What it was about was about venting. It was about rage. It was about release. It was about, you know, a kid getting off on power, if anything. That's what it was about.

KING: Were you very good at it?

LORDS: I've been told that I was.

Lords also tells leering Lar that cocaine numbed her to it all and she only made $40,000 from her porn gigs. But she should also factor in whatever she makes from her new book into that total, as without the porn there'd be no book.