A Decade Ago, This Sentence Wouldn't Have Made Any Sense


The Village Voice profiles anonymous Hasidic bloggers.

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  1. Yeah, but a decade (or so) ago, “Yahoo Serious Festival” made perfect sense.

    Sounds like the Hasidim community are prone to the same malady as Northwest Arkansas: the “good ol’ boy” system. All them gol-durn troublemakers, pokin’ and pryin’ into things and makin’ us folks in Cornholeville look bad. So what if Mayor Billy Bob used city equipment to grade the roads on his farm? Ain’t no need to bring outsiders in….

  2. Decade? Heck, it wouldn’t have madE sense just *two* years ago…

  3. Funny, this sounds a lot like what you get when Hollywood makes a movie about the Amish. All that shame & shunning, you know.

    All I really know about the Amish is that they make fantastic pretzels & sell the biggest ham hocks you ever saw in your life.

  4. Kevin: I was waiting for someone to make that Simpsons reference…

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