It's Good To Be the Prince


The White House has coughed up a list of George Bush's gifts from foreign dignitaries, and the most expensive one by far is a "C.M. Russell oil canvas painting of a native American buffalo hunt," valued at $1 million, from Saudi Ambassador Prince Bandar, who is known around Kennebunkport circles as "Bandar Bush." According to the Associated Press, "the painting is being stored at the National Archives until a library is built for Bush," thus keeping intact the Saudi streak of funding every presidential library of the past 30 years.

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  1. and what a return on investment!

    (starting to see why we invaded iraq?)

  2. Matt — I’m no Bandar fan, or Bush fan. But this paragraph from your article is asinine

    “Princess Haifa herself gave US$130,000 to a destitute Saudi woman in Virginia, who gave some to a friend, whose husband gave shelter to the Sept. 11 hijackers Khalid Almidhar and Nawaf Alhamzi in San Diego.”

    A houseguest of a husband of a friend of a friend is considered a terrorist link now? Kevin Bacon certainly qualifies as a terrorist supporter by this logic.

    Strip Kevin Bacon of US citizenship and deport him?

  3. “Asinine”? It’s *true*. If there is anything asinine about it, that would be bringing it up in a list of items that could be construed as meeting the Justice Department’s vague standard of providing “material support” to groups that carry out “terrorist” activities.

  4. It’s a measure of how completely a culture of entitlement has enveloped political Washington that a million dollar gift to a sitting President can pass virtually without comment because the use of said gift will be delayed a few years.

    But, if it’s good enough for Bill Clinton, why wouldn’t it be good for George Bush?

  5. Charles M. Russell, of Great Falls, Montana!

  6. “Guard, protect, and cherish your Land, for there is no afterlife for a place that started out as Heaven.”
    – C.M. Russell

  7. My Grandfather Cregor P. Fagenstrom of Great Falls Montana, Who knew Charles Russell said” If Charles Russell were here now he would be honored that a president would hang his work in a library.

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