Fly the Safe Skies


2002 was as safe as possible for flying, reports the AP.

Is it surprising that this story doesn't get much ink?

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  1. pills – that’s government efficiency for ya.

  2. Nick – not surprising at all. Of the good, the bad, and the ugly, today’s news media tend to ignore the good, lend token coverage to the bad, and give primary focus to the ugly. You won’t hear a peep about anything suggesting air travel is safe, yet the instant there is a plane crash or other aviation problem, you can count on plenty of media coverage. Not that the media shouldn’t cover these things, as they are clearly newsworthy. But the lack of coverage of the good in this case is the primary reason why many people who feel very safe driving their car on the highway are scared to fly.

  3. Why did this come out this week? Does it really take 6 months to add these up?

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