Bungle in the Jungle


Judging from this photo snapped during their trip to Africa, President George W. Bush and the First Lady have some pretty strange kinks.

[Link via Joe Garden]


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  1. “Sorry, hon, I’m busy doing that to the country.”

  2. typical lefty bush-bashing.

  3. no, that wasn’t typical.

    that was hilarious! not to mentiont he fact that the animal represents his party.

  4. you totally stole that joke from woody allen bout eisenhower

  5. stole? I count that as ‘fair use.’

  6. Perhaps it was the president of the elephants and his first lady? We wouldn’t want to mock elephant culture, would we?

  7. Tusk, tusk…

  8. Todd – I agree. The speciesism and anti-elephant remarks on this board have gotten out of control. Everyone who posted such remarks needs to go to sensitivity training immediately for reindoctrination into correct PC thinking.

  9. I hear they are better designed to live in the heat over there than the donkeys.

    What? What i say?

  10. bush looks like a chimp

  11. Brady – I don’t see any elephants walking around with white stuff on their ears and noses.


  12. Well, they must not have gotten the internship.

  13. joes comment was by far the best, except maybe for “tusk tusk.”

  14. someday jacob hopes to be a judge on star search.

  15. Maybe he’s helping to find a way to make the Rebuplican’s mascot appeal to a younger crowd.

  16. @$@% ’em if they can’t take a joke.

  17. George to Laura:
    “That’s the biggest wrinkled prick I’ve seen since Strom Thurmond died.”

  18. Chris is the winner with *****

  19. Laura to George “Say, do you think we could try that some time?”

  20. Those elephants sure as hell better be of different sexes!

  21. and they better not be circumcised neither.

  22. Plutarck might gain a better understanding of American attitude towards sex if he
    – Watched any sitcom
    – Went to a mainstream bookstore and saw the porno mags for sale
    – Listened to popular music
    – Went to the mall and saw teenaged girls in slutty outfits
    – Put down the Chimp Slut Special and rejoined us on Planet Earth

  23. Lured to the photo by some heavy-breathing hype, I assumed there would be a bit of fun.

    This is worth remarking? Two people sitting in the back of a pickup truck that can barely be seen and one is leaning back a little.

    Two elephants mating. WHAT AN AMAZING SCENE!! One viewed by a select several million in the past.

    Someone needs to get a life (and I understand there are Adult sites that will offer more ‘bang’ for the buck, if that’s any help to those who are so ‘hard up’).

  24. Gnutella and Usenet offers bang for zero-price, too.

    The funny thing is, this IS actually an amazing sort of scene in America. Remember, this really IS a Puritan culture, wherein the closest you get to a frank discussion of sex in common discourse is either about animals or in a dissaproving and condemning sort of tone, regardless of one’s personal feelings on the matter. But, of course, the First Law of Puritanism is that the whole is more puritanical than it’s parts, and the internet – that is to say, people’s private lives – is pretty clear proof of that.

    As an example of that, even on something like Animal Planet and Discovery one is, as far as I am aware, never going to see bonobos being real bonobos, in all their girl-on-girl gorging clitoris rubbing, penis fencing, male-on-male mounting and sucking, sex-every-65-minutes-on-average uniqueness. It doesn’t matter if that’s how reality is – you ain’t gonna see it on American TV. Ever. Period. And comedians can still get a laugh by saying “penis”, and network sensors often balk at the use of the word “clitoris”.

    Welcome to America: All reality must be checked with customs, and shall be returned to you when you leave. Thank you for your co-operation.

    We really do have a Lying Culture in America, and this is merely one bit of proof for my claim.

  25. I suppose it would be a better, more honest world, Plutarck, if by law everybody had to sleep and !@$# on the public green?

    What are privacy rights for, by the way, if not to keep things private, that we’d rather keep private?

    Nothing prevents you from buying a tape of Bonobos Gone Wild (or College Chix Gone Wild, for that matter) and apparently you’ve done just that. Good on ya. Don’t make everybody else buy a copy though, just ‘cuz you like it. It’s not dishonesty, it’s discernment.

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