Alleged Chef to Kim Jong Il Writes Tell-All Memoir


It sounds a bit like an Elvis book.


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  1. Geez! Where the hell is Albert Goldman, now that we really need him?

  2. The Dear Leader seems to have a history of culinary adventures.

  3. Get drunk at your wedding,pass out, and Kim will personally shave off your pubic hair? Is this cribbed from the trailer to American Wedding or vice versa?

  4. Wh@t$ wr0ng w1th t@|k1ng |1ke th1$, d0Od??

  5. These details may all very well be true but we have no way
    of being sure. I think one reason newspapers and magazines
    have so many articles about bizarre NKorean behaviour is
    the journalists can write *anything* about Kim Jong-il with
    no one able to check, and such things $ell -and he’s not going
    to sue. One source or no source at all… I’m sure much of what
    we “know” about Kim is BS.

    Has anyone heard about how Kim Jong-il is a fanatical matchbox collector
    who has over 2 million different matchboxes? All North Korea’s foreign
    ambassadors are given the task of finding new matchboxes from their country
    of residence and sending them off to Pyongyang.

    I just made up all that up but I wouldn’t be surprised to read it in the New York Times
    in a month.

  6. I agree. Furthermore, the author is anonymous and “in hiding,” making it even harder to check his claims. That’s why I called him “alleged” and compared this to an Elvis book.

    Maybe this stuff is true, and maybe outsiders are quick to believe absolutely anything about North Korea. Either way, it’s a story worth noting.

  7. does anyone else think it is cheesy and annoying to write the word “sells” “$ells” or write corporatons “corporation$” or shit like that?
    i hate that stuff, man.

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