Way Back In the USSR


New at Reason: Cathy Young tours the Sakharov Archives.


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  1. Russia just opened an exhibit concerning DeGaulle; the USSR was the first government recognize his Free French movement as the rightful government of France, and he in turn sent 100 French pilots to fight on the Eastern Front, where they kicked some serious Nazi ass. 🙂


  3. The USSR fought the dreaded evil nazis? Cool, I say we give them a pass on the 60 million civilians they murdered.

  4. It’s not like they really wanted to fight the Nazis. Stalin seemed to think Hitler was trustworthy an completely happy to divide up eastern Europe peacefully.

  5. Anon @ 8:14,

    Actually, the point was that the Free French Air Force fought the Nazis. They shot down around 300 planes as I recall. I am in agreement with Churchill’s position on the USSR’s involvement in WWII. Of course Churchill also cynically divided up Europe with Stalin as well.


    Stalin was taking advantage of a good situation; the French government in the late 1930s tried desperately to enlist Soviet help against the Nazis, but their efforts failed, partly because the Nazis had much more to offer – a big of chunk of Poland in other words.

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