Strange Loops


You learn something new every day. Today's lesson: Since 1979, there's been a lobby devoted to the interests of … lobbyists.


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  1. Lobbyists are the ones that have ruined this nation. They promote government of the special interests, for the special interests, by the special interests. Nobody lobbies for the average American anymore.

  2. – The Computers Association is a “special interests.”
    – The Taxpayers Union is a “special interests.”
    – The Libertarian Party is a “special interests.”
    – The HomeSchoolers Union is a “special interests.”
    – YOU are a “special interests.”
    – I am a “special interests.”

    Get the picture?

    (Who’s sacred cow do you wish to gore?)

  3. Democracy !!

  4. Don’t forget the Society of English Teachers, who’s special interests is above all.

  5. I would gladly eliminate my lobbyist to get rid of every other lobbyist.

    However, as long as gubmint interferes action outside its constitutional bounds, it makes lobbying inevitable. The expanding role of government is the root of lobbyist problem.

  6. John hit the nail on the head. (Everyone else, except Miroir, is hitting their thumb.)

    Every individual and organization knee-jerks their way to the DC Gun. Whomever manages to get the firmest grip on that gun wins. Either way, it’s still a coercive vs. voluntary arrangement we have here.

    Oh, well, we are in the year 2003, after all — not in 3003. So we’ll just have to bide our time and poke through it.

  7. What happens in the year 3003? Oh yeah, the end of history.

  8. A meta-lobby? Could this be the political version of Russell’s Paradox — a lobbyist who lobbys (lobbies?) for everyone who doesn’t lobby for himself?

  9. Angling for your money to support angling for your money. Leviathan lives.

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