The Two-Way Telescreen


Orin Kerr at the Volokh Conspiracy links to a new site called Government Information Awareness. The goal? To let ordinary citizens keep (almost) as close a watch on government as they like to keep on us.


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  1. THIS is emergent democracy. THIS is the second superpower.

  2. I’ve always argued the question. Who regulates the regulators, or (in this case) who watches the watchers?

    Still, there’s one crucial difference between TIA and GIA: The former has the guns, plus the full weight of the entire gubmint legal system behind it; the latter doesn’t.

  3. Didn’t the Boston Globe article on this say they were going to post things like the home addresses of government employees, their kids schools and so on?

    I can’t wait. That’ll put a curb on government abuses of power.

  4. Entrenched perniciousness and distortions are indeed rampant in the land today, Herr Foley. The putrid stench of the malady is everywhere. Evidently, the pus-soaked wounds are festering, due to the stagnant status quo of your party.

    But fortunately the illness is curable, and Doctor F.A. Libertarian is on his way.

  5. project mayhem commences…

  6. “Rejoice. The only thing that could kill this movement is apathy.”

    Sounds like a quote from “The Time Machine.”

    And look what happened to them. They became dinner — one by one, every night.

  7. Before you double dip that sheet of two-way windowpane and start conspiracizing, you might consider the FOIA. Unless of course that Illuminati satellite in the sky with a pink beam of light boring into your forehead with direct access to your thoughts has already alerted Mark McGwire to your activities. Besides everyone knows the GIA is a honeypot.

  8. “Still, there’s one crucial difference between TIA and GIA: The former has the guns, plus the full weight of the entire gubmint legal system behind it; the latter doesn’t.”

    BFD, dude. One can kill all the people they want, but if the idea takes form within the masses, then it’s hopeless to keep firing into the unruly crowds. Web sites can be mirrored in foreign countries. There is no stopping this type of effort that is realistic if it in fact got to the point where all the stops were pulled out. If the orignal creators got sent to prison, someone else could effortlessly take up the admin duties, and would.

    So rejoice. The only thing that could kill this movement is apathy.

  9. post-Iraq War: apathy and libertarianism are synonymous — a dictator is overthrown and a liberty oriented movement self-destructs. shitty.


  10. “post-Iraq War: apathy and libertarianism are synonymous”

    The main component of apathy is pissants selling their snotty, jaded little pronouncements of cynical bullshit. With all of that downbeat drivel, do you have any energy left to raise your cup of coffee? Really, dude.

  11. This can’t come soon enough. I am just this moment watching a live discussion at Cal State Monterey Bay between Leon Panetta, Newt Gingrich, and Tom Foley. The latter just declared that he thinks “third-and-fourth” parties — he mentioned Libertarians and Greens by name — are “pernicious” and “distorting” in our “two party system.”

    As if the good-cop bad-cop scam of the Demopublicans isn’t “distorting”? As if the so-called “campaign finance reform” isn’t “distorting”? Puh-leeze.

    If this circle the wagons mentality is commomplace in DC, then we can’t bring the political class to heel a moment too soon. You know you have ’em on the run when they attack you openly, as Foley just did. Stick to your guns, anti-duopolists!

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