Pull Pin, Raise Pinky, Toss Grenade


So, I understand the rationale behind assigning a soldier to serve as a personal aide to a high-ranking general. No problem there. But the War-on-Terror budget increases seem to have had an intoxicating effect on the Pentagon brass: now they're sending the aides to butler school.


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  1. Would it be wildly inappropriate to speculate on the racial breakdown of soldiers sent to butler school vis-a-vis the generals they will be serving?

  2. well, if they’re minorities they should be kicked out immediately and sent home so nobody gets the wrong impression. won’t do them any good but it’ll make people like joe feel great.

  3. If given the option instead of serving in the Texas Air Nat’l Guard, would Dubya have gone to butler school to avoid going to Nam? I would bet he would have however but its muted since he didn’t have the grades to get in.

  4. Heh, heh, he made a joke about Bush’s intelligence, heh, heh, heh.

  5. next he will make a joke about butler bush wearing a monkey suit. see he looks like chimp. isn’t that clever?

  6. Takes me back to Basic Training: “For every combat-arms soldier (infantry, artillery, and armor), there are eleven support soldiers”. God only knows long the kite tail is now.

    I realize this isn’t the 1860s, but damn.

  7. Joe, yes, that would be wild speculation.

    I don’t think this is quite as rediculous as Slate would have us believe. The enlisted aids actually don’t even do most of the tasks that the article suggests…it is officer aids who do the pressing and shining type stuff. The enlisted aids are responsible for the food and ceremony portion. And quite frankly, overseas, senior generals are as much diplomats as warriors. And I don’t think it is rediculous to send them to learn how to do it right…its probably a lot cheaper than creating a military school for the purpose.

  8. “The American military kills people and breaks things.”

    I’m sure as hell not eating at one of their dinner parties.

  9. SAD NEWS …

    Today, yet another American boy lost his life … Shot to death by an Iraqi sniper.

  10. SAD NEWS …

    Today, yet another Iraqi boy lost his life … Shot to death by an American sniper.

  11. In my day (I _am_ an old fogie), they were called stewards, and on ships, they were assigned to the officers wardroom, to cook and serve meals. JUst after I was commissioned, the formal serving of meals on ships was discontinued, except for commanding and flag officers, and the number of stewards declined, in the interests of furthering opportunity. The officers food was cooked together with the rest of the crew, and was “served” by E-1 “mess-men”. These were newly-arrived new sailors, right out of boot camp, who did all the shit-jobs on board. It was a rite-of-passage for them Most made it, but some didn’t.

    And by-the-way, the stewards used to be almost exclusively Philipinos – MacArthur guaranteed then this job when he liberated the Phillipines in ’45.

  12. What’s the big deal? I spent twenty-one years in the Army and can tell you that sending aides to butler school is nothing new.

    There have also been several Army cooks sent to Chef’s schools throughout the world.

    I personally knew one guy that was trained in ice carving. We had very nice ice carvings on holidays and this was in a regular mess hall, not even one near a major headquarters.

    This is a tempest in a teapot. It is meaningless and is brought up every once in a while to try to embarrass the military.

    Do you have any idea what people who have formal butler training make? When this guy gets out of the Army he is set.

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