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A few months ago I asked whether TV commercials can be art. This week I learned that the Museum of Modern Art thinks they can.

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  1. Neil, what’s the difference between a “pay site” and a “professional pay site”?

  2. A professional pay site is paid to be a pay site.

  3. And a tautology is meant to be redundant and oxymoronic (like “Not Anonymous”)?

  4. Suhweet. I’ve always been a fan of commercials — does anyone remember adcritic.com before it turned into a professional pay site?

  5. A professionally tautological pay site that is paid to redundantly be a professional pay site is NOT art.

  6. Yup, they’ve gone berserk!

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  8. What can NOT be art?

  9. I don’t know what that cannabis comment has to do with anything, but it was definitely art.

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