FIRE on Flyers


The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education relates a mindboggling story of campus censorship. Steve Hinkle, a college Republican at California Polytechnic State University, was posting a flyer to announce a talk by Mason Weaver, the (African-American) author of It's OK to Leave the Plantation, who argues that dependence on government is bad for African Americans. A few students holding an unofficial bible study group were offended, and after confronting Hinkle reported "a suspicious white male passing out literature of an offensive racial nature." Hinkle was then disciplined for "disrupting" the group.

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  1. What are you trying to show off your right-wing cred now Julian? Or is that Judean? It’s obvious Hinkle was a fucking Jew looking to jew the Niggers out of some bucks from some bogus book. Nice idea, but then again, only a Jew would think of that. Good thing the Xtians saved the day, thank God.

  2. Between Berlusconi making a nazi joke and this, it’s been a baaaad week for conservatives trying to appropriate left-wing tropes.

    Check out the dressing-down Hinkle got from the student affairs VP:

    ?You are a young white male member of CPCR. To students of color, this may be a collision of experience.? The chemistry has racial implications, and you are na?ve not to acknowledge those.?

    Let’s hear it for diversity!

  3. See? We can all handle them racist words. And the word “fuck” too. I am not offended by fuck.

  4. This proves that Christians have to be driven from our college campuses. Drive them off the campuses and this censorship will stop.

    Although getting rid of campus conservative groups like the College Republicans, the law schools’ Federalists and the conservative alternate “review” newspapers might fix it up too.

  5. Hey Neil Block, that link was fucking sweeeet.

  6. “Drive them off the campuses and this censorship will stop.” ?

    Well, it may be too late for you, Stephen, but your kids (or your family’s kids) might still have a chance at a decent education.

    Don’t drive anyone off the campuses. Leave them right where they are to stew in their rot — especially the PC admin and faculty.

    Sorry to say it, but colleges and universities have slowly deteriorated into microcosms of a European-style Politically “Correct” society. (Nothing “correct” about it, mind you.)

    So, the solution, if you’re a college student: Consider resigning and go to the link below. If you have kids who are about to enter college, go here …

    … and get a genuine education, for a change.

    If you’d like to learn about it first, go here:

    ‘Nuff said.

  7. Hey Neil Block, nothing sweet about it.


    Just because rap spewers and political “leaders” (politicians! for pete’s sake) regurgitate expletives, doesn’t mean we have to follow in their vile wake.

  8. “This proves that Christians have to be driven from our college campuses. Drive them off the campuses and this censorship will stop.”

    He is kidding. Calm down.

  9. M.Adler, thank you very much for those links. I’ve been looking everywhere for alternatives for my children. Glad you came along today.

  10. oh, lighten the fuck up

  11. You’re welcome, Paula.

  12. I’m not offended by the word fuck. But when some asshole says we should pay more taxes because he’s never worked a day in his life, well, I’m really fucking offended.

  13. I’m not offended by the fucking word fuck. But when some fucking asshole says we should pay more fucking taxes because he’s never worked a fucking day in his fucking life, well, I’m really fucking offended.

    (Every noun MUST have its expletive! Otherwise you insult sailors like us.)

  14. Every fucking noun MUST have its fucking expletive! Otherwise you insult fucking sailors like us.


  15. Stocks appear to have fallen today in the marketplace of ideas…

  16. The irony is not that now a right-winger is suffering the burden of “censorship” — i.e., being told to shut up and everyone gets to hear your story, i.e. Bill Meyer and El Dixie Chicks — but that Cal Poly is a rather conservative school set in a conservative part of California. Now, that’s relative compared to the rest of the country, but I do recall a lot of liberal-minded people feeling rather stifled by the atmosphere there.

    I found the overweening presence of the likes of the Young Americans for Freedom (this was at the end of the Reagan era) putridfying, but I sympathize with this young man. Welcome to the dangerous needle of hate speech regulation: true state censorship, not the overblown rantings of the Dixie Chicks about being chided for holding an unpopular view.

  17. Yup, Sage is right. The stock market for ideas IS down today. (What the #$$%^& is Jim nelson gabbing about? Anyone have any idea?)

  18. I’m a flight attendant with American Airlines.
    Last week, after a long and bumpy flight, I was glad to finally land.

    We disembarked, and we checked for items left behind. In a seat pocket, I found a bag of homemade cookies with a note saying, “Much love, Mom.”

    Quickly, I gave the bag to our Gate Agent in hopes the bag would be reunited with its owner.

    As I was walking through the concourse a few minutes later, I heard this announcement over the public-address system: “Would the passenger who lost his cookies please return to the gate?”

  19. Fuck, fuckity, fuck fuck fuck.
    What’s the big deal, bitch?

  20. I know how those students feel. I get offended when I see a Republican too.

  21. Why didn’t Hinkle say that he was offended by the group?

  22. Get over it, Pluto! You live in Florida, so why should it bother you? Why should you care?

  23. I saw this story the other day and wrote Cal Poly President Baker. Not that he and I have a close personal friendship or anything, but I did poke fun at him on numerous occasions when I was a DJ at campus station KCPR in the mid-1980s. I also know a thing or two about the ground rules for posting bills on public bulletin boards there (and at most campuses). From what I read of Mr. Hinkle’s case, his acts didn’t begin to hold a candle to some of the stuff we used to do back in the “Big 80s,” and for which NOBODY was disciplined. Nobody back then would have thought to call the cops on Hinkle, much less haul him into a formal disciplinary proceeding. His actions were best characterized as the “small stuff” you aren’t supposed to “sweat.” I raised those points with Baker and asked him to point me to the University’s side of the story.

    It’s too early for Baker to have responded to my letter. If and when I get a response, I’ll let you all know what he (or his representative) says.

    Incidentally, Hinkle had, in the years before the incident, published some mildly inflammatory letters in the campus newspaper, the Mustang Daily. (Mild by the standards of THIS board, at least 🙂 See the following URLs for letters from or referring to Mr. Hinkle:

    I get the impression he was a real gadfly and perhaps even relished the role. So, while I don’t believe his free speech should ever have been denied, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that he had made himself such a thorn in the side of the Multicultural Center clique that his mere presence in their “territory” was considered provocative and disruptive by them. The behavior pattern I can see so far looks like nothing so much as a gang (or fraternity) turf war. Par for the course at Faber College (“Knowledge is Good!”), and apparently Cal Poly as well…

  24. “Knowledge is Good!” — but don’t tell that to Galileo’s inquisitors, James. They wanted to maintain POWER at any cost, come hell, knowledge, or high water.

    Reading your piece about Hinkle’s apparently caustic style reminds me of this 14th century thinker.

    Ordinarily, they would’ve left a scientist like Galileo alone to do his thing. But Mr. Galilei had an abrasive rhetorical style that was continuously goring their sacred cows.

    The rest, as they say, is history.

  25. Yes, Jim, smaller words WOULD help. But not for their own sake.

    We’re after clarity here — using whatever terms serve that purpose. We’re not here to impress one another with bloated vocabularies.

    Just be clear. Make your point, but keep it simple. I learned that from Ms.McKillicuddy, by the way. (Smart woman. She once gave me a big K.I.S.S. on my report.)

  26. What is this fucking shit?! I was fucking using fuck before these fuckers were old enough to fuck their mothers! What a bunch of johnny-fuck-latelies. Madonna? Before she was in “Speed The Plow” she wouldn’t say “fuck” to a whore. “Fuck” is fucking MINE, you fucks!

    Any-fucking-body got a fucking problem with that? I didn’t fucking think so!

    Fuckingly yours,


  27. Stocks appear to have fallen today in the marketplace of ideas.

  28. The constitution guarantees freedom of speech, not freedom from offense.

    If this kind of stuff continues we may just kiss that fucking freedom goodbye.

    (No, wait. The Supreme Court reaffirmed fucking freedom last week, didn?t they.)

  29. Apparently the old crimes of rape, assault, burglary, vandalism, rape, and murder now have a new equally horrible crime added to their midst: offense. To be offended, even _indirectly_, is apparently now a very grave offense indeed.

    Whatever happened to “Oh boo-hoo, get it over it”? The adoption of ever-so-tender sensabilities to one of the most puritanical countries/cultures in the world (probably the most puritanical of First World countries), along with a litigous AND “PC” culture, and what you get is a very frightening thing indeed.

    I’m just glad to live in Florida, where it seems people are old enough to not much care and religious enough to be content with your ultimate fate of burning in hell. Who says religion isn’t good for something?

  30. broker blathered:
    > (What the #$$%^& is Jim nelson gabbing
    > about? Anyone have any idea?)

    I can use smaller words if that would help you.

  31. broker:

    So from your first post, it sounded like you didn’t know what I was saying. Your second, as though you did, but my vocabulary turned you off.

    Considering the other posts seem to be an exercise in using “fuck”, I now see your point.

    I make no apologies for how I write. That I’m trying to impress everyone is your interpretation but not my motive.

    Also: I don’t know who Ms. McKillicuddy is, or why she’s relevant to this discussion. Please remember you are lecturing me on the need for clarity.

  32. Well said, Jim. Your post was clear and to the point. (And I’d like to make my retractions.)

    Since we seem to be of similar mind in our observations about the “exercises in expletives” along this thread, and since you’re obviously a decent fellow, I’d like to extend a friendly hand of goodwill — albeit electronically.

    I apologize for my snarky implication that your words were meant “to impress.” Of course they weren’t. That was uncalled for.

    You’re OK.

    Hope you’re enjoying the holidays.

    (Ms. McKillicuddy is a ?teacher? ? like you)

  33. Why didn’t Hinkle say that he was offended by the group?

    Because conservatives aren’t allowed to be offended — indeed, if they claim to be, then they’re in fact exhibiting intolerance. (Which of course would offend others.)

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    DATE: 01/25/2004 11:32:01
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