Did the Shah Use the Toilet?


New at Reason: Like all dictators, the Shah of Iran was a laff riot. Iraj Isaac Rahmim recalls that comedy wasn't so easy for his subjects.


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  1. not interested, Tim.


  2. Great article. Thank you.

  3. You should hear the JAPANESE Pledge of Allegiance. It includes the words, “One Nation under Godzilla.”

  4. To be honest I couldn’t get through that whole speech. I’m not a writer, but that’s what it felt like – one of those ‘it’s not the heat but the humidity’ graduation discourses.

    Most of ya probably already know this but often when the man of a Muslim family says “I’m going to the mosque,” it literally means “I’m going to the head.”

    The lack of toilet paper in most muslim countries is also of note, especially when the majority of people wipe their asses with their hands, while a tiny elite would be shocked to hear mention of this.

  5. And they also eat with their fingers.

  6. The Shah; vicious dictator, and stalwart friend of the USA.

  7. Here is my paranoid theory as to why this was published: Reason is going to start publishing pieces which highlight how evil the Shah was in a gambit to discredit the Iranian student movement by saying that anyone who is against the mullahs is a monarchist. My reasoning is this, there has been no coverage of the Iranian student protest movement here that I have seen; none. In fact, I don’t think I’ve seen much of anything having to do with Iran in any way at this publication. And suddenly, out of nowhere, as July 9th looms 2 days away, we get this piece about how bad the Shah was. It seems kind of odd, what with the all the nasty stuff the Ayatollahs are up to now. So,why is it that the Iranian peoples current bid for freedom against their current opressive government is not the subject of a piece, while this is? Is it because someone wants to tar the LA based satellite TV stations and “conservative” American supporters of regime change in Tehran as “monarchists” as, for instance, Michael Ledeen is now. Somebody please tell me I’m wrong about this. However, even if that was not the intention in publishing this piece, then you still have to answer the question as to why nothing regarding the current struggle for freedom against the mullahs is being published. I remember reading somehwere that Reason had something or other to do with freedom I think.

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