Candid Cameras


Over in Nashville, Porky's has just collided with Nineteen Eighty-four.

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  1. Assuming it wasn’t a lone perv, I wonder what genius was behind this idea? Cameras to catch them smoking or something?

  2. Not clear from the article, but just a wild guess… public school?

  3. One of them kids could have been a terrorist.

  4. Soon, there won’t be a difference anymore.

    The Pentagon is developing surveillance software that scans databases of everyday transactions and personal records and is creating a computerized diary that would record and analyze everything a person says, sees, hears, reads or touches.

    Privacy experts — who already have seen the use of face-recognition technologies at a Super Bowl and monitoring cameras in London — are concerned about the potential impact of these technologies. According to John Pike, a Global analyst, the government will now have a reasonably good idea of where everyone is most of the time.

  5. Since the video was being accessed late at night by someone, it seems pretty unlikely that this video system had a legitimate motive behind it. Keep in mind that schools are like ministries – they tend to attract pedophiles.

  6. Speaking of annoying cameras, this line of products (including a spray on coating) will foil those pesky traffic cameras with their flash photos:

  7. Love it, Tim Snitch! Thanks for the link!

    Falcons developed keen eyesight.
    So mice and snakes developed camouflage.
    So falcons developed night vision.
    So mice and snakes developed stealth.
    Then insects developed zigzag motion protection.
    So bats developed powerful radar.
    Then chameleons developed long, sticky tongues.
    So insects developed super camouflage.
    Then German warplanes developed speed
    So British war planes developed radar.
    So the Germans developed radar foil (literally.)
    So the British developed flack.
    Then Americans developed supersonic fighter jets.
    So its enemies developed hear-seeking missiles.
    So Americans are working on Star Wars.
    And the race will continue in outer space.

    And on, and on, the race will go on …

  8. What are “hear-seeking missiles?”

    Do they listen to the jet’s noise before blowing it up?

  9. Hey, Wacko, can I walk around NYC with a bag over my head?
    (Without being bothered?)

  10. “The lawsuit contends that images captured by the cameras were stored on a hard drive in the office of the assistant principal could be accessed from remote computers by the Internet. It claims the computer’s password security had not been changed from the factory default setting.

    The images were reportedly accessed 98 times between July 2002 and January 2003 ? sometimes late at night and early in the morning ? and through Internet providers in Tennessee and South Carolina.

    William Needham, director of Overton County Schools, said the assistant principal has been transferred to another school in the system.”

    Yeah, wouldn’t want to punish the stupid or perverted sonofabitch or anything, right?

  11. …oh, and just inflict him on OTHER students and parents – that seems like an equally brilliant sort of thing to do. Reminds me of the stupid/pervert principless that took to pulling up girls skirts, exposing their underwear, to see if they were wearing thongs because she didn’t want them pulling up their skirts and showing their thongs. Is she in prison yet?

    Of course not, because that is the nature of bureacracy – if someone does something wrong, just move them, and yet supposedly the entire system itself is not to be blamed and condemned as evil. Funny how well this applies both to the governmental school system, FBI, AND Catholic Church, isn’t it?

  12. Pluto, you’re in the wrong blog. That story was about child pornography, and the perverted sonofabitch got his $135,000 severance pay docked.

  13. Yeah! You got it, Pluto! If someone does something wrong — like Enron, Global Crossing, or (maybe) Martha Stewart — don’t just move them. Blame the entire Capitalist system and condemn it as evil.

    You got it!

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