Why Was Martha Stewart Indicted?


Ruben Bolling explains.


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  1. America has a penchant for building people up and then reveling in their downfall. Martha did nothing wrong. She probably did nothing illegal, either, unless we invent a new crime: obstructing injustice. Funny thing, I can recall playing phone tag with my broker, and him telling me later, “I couldn’t find you, so I sold anyway” protecting me from the downward slide. When your broker says sell, guess what you do?

  2. The Olson twins in handcuffs…

    God, I am so hot…

  3. I’m more sanguine about Ms. Stewart’s chances after seeing the prosecutor Mr. Comey popping up with alarming frequency on local TV here.That’s usuually the sign of a prosecutor with a case that’s a hard sell.They’re also stressing Comey’s physical resemblance to James Stewart,an interesting bit of personal vouching.

  4. Forbes tears apart the indictment and makes some interesting abuse of power arguements.

  5. Reuben Bolling is the finest political cartoonist in the country right now. Generally leftish, but in such an intelligent, not bludgeoning (ya hear me, Ted Rall???) way.

    I sent Reason a letter-to-the-editor clipping from Tom the Dancing Bug about “everyone supports the free market” back in 1999.

  6. Keith:

    Yeah. I myself liked the “Bush & Cheney’s guide to getting rich” strip just before the 2000 election.

    As for Martha Stewart, she is a litmus test of libertarian purism. Anyone who is willing to see her go free on principle, despite their personal dislike, passes with flying colors. I grudgingly agree that nothing she did should be illegal–but I would mightily enjoy seeing her and Kathie Mee sharing a cell in a “women in cages” flick, just the same.

  7. Keith: That was you? Thanks for the cartoon — it ended up on my office door and stayed there until I left Reason’s L.A. headquarters for Baltimore.

    It might still be there, actually, depending on the tastes of whoever inherited the office.

  8. Jesse:

    If it’s the one where (if I remember – it has been 4 years) the middle panel is the 16th century puppet-mime artist, yup! Hee hee, I’m glad it got put to good use; and I’m glad you liked it!


  9. i hear ya on ted rall. jesus, that guy is such an idiot. remember when he said war on iraq was genocide, but a preemptive nuclear strike on north korea would be a great idea?

  10. Keith: Yes, that’s the one. A great cartoon.

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