We Have Met the Enemy, and He Is Us


The Pentagon disclosed yesterday that for over a decade, unsuspecting military personnel were exposed to biological and chemical weapons as part of "Project 112," designed to test the dispersion patterns and staying power of biochem agents. Some 260 servicemen have since claimed illnesses that they believe may be related to the tests. The Department of Defense plans to close its investigation into Project 112 within the next two weeks, but several representatives have written a letter to Donald Rumsfeld urging that the inquiry continue. (Via Jakeneck)


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  1. At least they weren’t feeding radioactive oatmeal to mentally handicapped children-

    Oh wait, they did.

    But it was a different time- there was this Cold War, you see…


  2. who is “they” and “us” in these posts

    some individuals may be guilty of a crime, but blaming “they” or “us” is stupidity.

  3. “We have met the enemy, and he is us” is a quotation from a famous edition of Walt Kelly’s “Pogo” comic strip.

  4. oh I see. Thanks.

  5. Soldiers can be captive test subjects, so it makes sense that they US military will use them as such. Especially as they are trained to take orders and not ask questions. I reminded of that cartoon from “The Massess” where a scientist unveils “the perfect soldier,” and it is a huge, muscle-bound man with no head.

  6. So what has replaced project 112 and when do they plan on telling us about it?

  7. He gassed his own people!

  8. 1962 – 73. Wonder who was in charge when this shit was going down. Wonder who put an end to it. Wonder why we’re seeing less of the usual partisan blather in this thread.

  9. So is it the case that, having signed up for the military, you belong to the government? That is to say, they can cladestinely experiment on you or order you to perform mortally dangerous duties that are of only marginal connection to actual defense of the nation, and you must comply or face penalties up to and including execution after court-martial?

    I have never understood how far the military can legally go, beyond the obvious exception of ordering soldiers to their deaths in actual combat. Can any of the current- or ex-military folks here enlighten us?

    I would think that, if you were effectively government’s slave while in the military, you should lose voting rights, too. I can’t imagine that anyone who retains the right to vote while in the military loses the right to informed consent before any medical tests can be done. It just doesn’t add up. (Then again, how much of our modern situation DOES add up?)

  10. James, as a former member of the military (’84 to ’88) I can say that we had much stricter to rules to follow than the average person. But at no time, not even in boot camp, did I feel like a robot or slave.

    I swore to defend the Constitution and the country it was written for. My fellow Marines and I agreed to fight and die if need be. None of us ever agreed to be little test subjects.

  11. Who cares? If you’re dumb enough to sign up for the military, you deserve what you get. Call it a cull, survival of the fittest, natural self-selection, evolution.

  12. that’s right anon. those “idiots” are the ones who, in times of need, make it possible for you to sit back and be free to make those comments. good. test the canadians instead, eh!

  13. Hey anon 9:23. FUCK YOU!!! When I signed up for the Marines I did not sign up to be tested upon. I signed up because I love my country and I wanted to defend it.

    I wanted to defend the Constitution and the people who live in America.

    Even you, you worthless bitch.

  14. BB

    anon obviously flunked out of basic training. and he’s jealous. (he failed the “how to use the latrine test” – he thought it was for bathing, obviously)

    just hope that 1) either the carnival where anon works moves town so he won’t have time to email 2) he becomes someone’s bitch so he can’t use his prison’s library computer or 3) he skijumps 200 feet into a low-flying plane. or 4) this anon is so much of a fucking waste of RNA, that he’s immune to evolution and is going to be the forever-neanderthal, dragging his knuckles across the terrain.



    If you like Stephen King, you?ll LOVE this one! It?s been giving me sleepless nights for three decades.

    There?s a worldwide uproar concerning the whereabouts of Saddam?s Weapons of Mass Absorption. He used Bio-Chemical Weapons on 250 Kurd villages in 1988 and admitted to having plenty more after Gulf War I. The rest is, as they say, ?History.? You?d be terrified from a large scale Bio-Chemical assault here. Remember that unsolved Anthrax Attack right after 9-11?

    Let?s say 10,000 or more Americans were to succumb to exposures of Anthrax, Plague, Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis, Tularemia, Coxiella Burnetii, deadly manmade gasses such as Sarin, VX & Tabun, or hallucinogenic substances like BZ Gas. Some would die horribly from convulsions and others would suffer slow, lingering deaths and beget deformed and disabled children for generations. You?d be aghast at the debilitating cerebro-vascular, respiratory and painful skin ailments running amok in your neighbors. You?d demand immediate reprisals against the perpetrators and expect the best health care and compensation for the families who lost loved ones, just like 9-11, right?

    No you wouldn?t.

    If you were in the U.S. Congress or White House right now you wouldn?t lift a finger to address this situation. You?d just cover it up and look away. You?d make it impossible for the victims to even apply for Federally funded assistance.

    Oh, yes you would! That?s EXACTLY what?s happening in Congress today.

    Perhaps you missed the attack because the very same people who funded that activity now hide it from your view? The U.S. Government planned, funded, executed and denied the attacks.

    ?What Bio-Chemical attacks? When did this happen? You?re joking, right? You just made this up to get my attention!?

    ?Unfortunately, not.?

    From 1962 to 1973, the CIA, DOD, and Smithsonian Institution participated in Project 112/SHAD, during which more than 10,000 U.S. Servicemen became human test rats for the above-mentioned substances and more. At: http://www.va.gov/SHAD/
    http://deploymentlink.osd.mil/current_issues/shad/shad_intro.shtml and http://citeseer.nj.nec.com/macleod01strictly.html You will confirm that the Americans who suffered these injuries and losses are treated exactly as described, documented by the Veterans Administration, Department of Defense, and Journal of the History of Biology. [Well, at least you?ll get the current ?official version?.]

    Project 112 was the land-based component of the Bio-Chemical Weapons experiments, exercised in Civilian surroundings in: Maryland, Georgia, Florida, Panama, Puerto Rico, California, Alaska, Hawaii, Utah and Canada. Marine Jets, Army surface ships & tugboats, and at least one Navy submarine executed Project SHAD [Shipboard Hazard & Defense] at sea near Nova Scotia, California, Hawaii, and the Marshall Islands.

    Robert McNamara sold this program to JFK & LBJ at the cost of $4 Billion 1962 dollars and 10,000 American lives over 10 years. Every session of Congress since then has funded some form of this activity under the guise of ?national security?. How secure do YOU feel right now?

    The current VA ?SHAD Protocol? is designed to further prevent the Veterans involved from acquiring VA Benefits. The Veteran is required to supply his Medical Records for before, during and after SHAD to establish his ?service connection?. That sounds reasonable. Too bad the NSA, CIA, & DOD won?t release the necessary ?classified? documents.

    House Resolution 5060 & Senate Bill 2704, ?The Veterans Right to Know Act of 2002,? were initiated in the 107th Congress to alleviate that situation. They?ve since been shuffled off to various sub-committees with only superficial hearings. H.R.2433, known as ?Health Care for Veterans of Project 112/Project SHAD Act of 2003?, was referred to the Senate on 9-11-03, a rather fitting date to address the problems of fallen Americans. It?s curious that vast majority of Congressmen who?ve sponsored these Bills are Democrats, yet Max Baucus, ?Montana Veterans? Senator? has ignored my pleas while Conrad Burns and Denny Rehberg have helped dispel the cloud of
    Cold War Secrecy and acquire critical data.

    I?m just one of at least six Montana SHAD/112 Veterans, four from the Flathead Valley. Furthermore, over 35,000 GI?s have perished since Gulf War I and 165,000 have been granted VA Disability Claims for illnesses due to Bio-Chemical and Depleted Uranium exposures in Iraq. Please urge your Congressmen to resolve this impasse.

    My Sincere Thanks on Behalf of the SHAD/112 Veterans Nationwide,

    J.B. Stone, ETN-2, USN, Project SHAD 1969
    900 Wisconsin Avenue, Whitefish, Montana 59937
    406-862-7514, 862-8739 – message


    The following is a letter I sent to the White House on Veterans Day, 2002:

    Veterans Day, 2002

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I, James Bradley Stone, as a Project 112 & Project SHAD Veteran, United States Citizen, and Montana State Voter, do hereby request punitive action against the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs because of their blatant disregard for the welfare and their service of the American people. These Federal Bureaucracies continue to ignore the lawful oversight of the Congress as well. They must be brought under control and made to perform according to their lawful charters.

    The DoD and VA are purposely blockading the declassification and reporting of pertinent data that would result in Medical, Compensation & Pension actions for thousands of veterans. Project SHAD veterans have waited 30 to 40 years to receive relief for the physical, mental and sociological damages they have suffered because of their involuntary participation in wantonly unlawful and carelessly executed ABC Warfare experiments from 1962 to 1972. There is no excuse for the DoD & VA’s overlooking crucial health concerns such as cross-contamination, non-existent safety equipment and training, and ineffectual decontamination. They continue to operate under the callous presumption that because they do not choose to consider these factors, they simply do not exist. It does not require medical or legal expertise to determine that to be patently false.

    The VA’s presumption that there are no long-term consequences for SHAD veterans is a huge lie. The facts and evidence do not support their statements. Sadly, Project SHAD has already caused severe ailments and the premature deaths of many veterans and their children. SHAD survivors and their descendants continue to suffer a multitude of untreated physical and mental ailments only because it serves the convenience of the Federal Government. Relieving the consciences of the agents who have caused these circumstances by authorizing their ongoing malfeasance is a crime.

    If there was no danger from our exposure to highly carcinogenic and mutagenic Chemical & Biological Warfare Agents, Nuclear Contaminants and Radiation, then why has the Congress authorized the President to wage war on other nations that seek to utilize the very same substances? The notion that we are merely expendable ciphers when our nation is carrying out an immense international campaign to rid the world of those who would “gas their own people” is ludicrous!

    On behalf of all SHAD Veterans, their families, descendants and survivors, I demand the immediate dismissal and replacement of those who have flagrantly violated numerous International and United States Laws by creating and then denying the existence of these programs. By delaying and distorting the facts regarding Project SHAD & 112, these agents of the United States prolong serious injury by having used honorable veterans as Human Test Rats and then denying their claims for medical attention and monetary compensation.

    SHAD Veterans have repeatedly suffered humiliation and degradation at the hands of VA Administrators, Adjudicators, and Physicians who seek only to deny and delay their lawful claims on the basis of faulty and incomplete data from the DoD and improper execution of their duties. No reasonable party would deny that we have honored our commitment to keep the secrets of Special Operations and that now we deserve the TRUTH, RELIEF and COMPENSATION for our involvement in Project SHAD.

    Do not delay. Now that the Federal Government is making a weak effort to document what we have said for decades, the needs of SHAD Veterans MUST be addressed. Otherwise many more will suffer untimely deaths and their families will be left with the painful remembrance that their Country has deserted them.


    J.B. Stone

    Do Not Fear, Do Not Falter, Do Not Forget!

    You only retain the Rights and Freedoms you are willing to Fight For!


    “In this century, when evil men plot chemical, biological and nuclear terror, a policy of appeasement could bring destruction of a kind never before seen on this earth. Terrorists and terrorist states do not reveal these threats with fair notice in formal declarations. And responding to such enemies only after they have struck first is not self defense. It is suicide. The security of the world requires disarming Saddam Hussein now.” ? PRESIDENT BUSH


    Good Question.

    Robert McNamara, who earlier dreamt up the fire-bombing of Japanese civilians before we nuked them. He later “sold” the idea to JFK, and then LBJ.

    We used to be under DIRECT “supervision” from the White House while on Ops and had Russian “trawlers” tracking us on several occasions.

    Cold War?




    Have they helped us in ANY way yet….???


  17. the pentagon refuses to release more info. it is terrible. Remeber it was jfk and johnson whom should also take responsiblity. my friend got a letter stating he was a “lab rat” on the u.ss. okinawin. he has a brain tumor. in addition no will help him. it should not be like this at all!!!

  18. Semper Primus – Always first (US Army Pathfinder motto)

  19. Gnothe seauton (Greek) – Know thyself

  20. Facilius est multa facere quam diu – It is easier to do many things than to do one for a long time. (Quintilianus)

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    All sentences that seem true should be questioned.

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