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Libertarians Like Rehnquist


A review of the U.S. Supreme Court's last term in today's New York Times quotes Walter Dellinger, acting solicitor general in the Clinton administration, who says "this term suggested a split between two kinds of conservative Republicans."

Justices Kennedy and O'Connor "share the sensibilities of corporate Republicans, who often have a bit of a libertarian streak in them," he said, while on social issues, "Scalia and Thomas represent the Moral Majority strain, which is vocal but not necessarily dominant."

Chief Justice Rehnquist, Mr. Dellinger said, often occupies a middle position between the two groups.

By "libertarian," Dellinger seems to mean socially tolerant, since "corporate Republicans" are, if anything, less libertarian on economic issues than GOP members further to the right. But it's hard to imagine how Rehnquist, a majoritarian who is more deferential to government than any other member of the Court, could be seen as more libertarian than Scalia and Thomas in any sense of the word. In cases involving freedom of speech, property rights, and federalism, the latter two justices have repeatedly voted to limit government power.

Then, too, Dellinger seems to assume that justices have (or should have) no compunction about reading their political preferences into the Constitution. In Lawrence v. Texas, Thomas said he personally considered the sodomy ban "uncommonly silly" and would vote to repeal it if he were a legislator. But not every bad law is unconstitutional. The maddeningly vague, unmoored reasoning of the majority's opinion in Lawrence suggests the importance of this distinction, especially since the evolving standards that the Court uses to reinterpret the Constitution aren't always friendly to liberty.


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  1. One problem with welcoming any Supreme Court decision that strikes down a stupid or unjust law, regardless of the reasoning, is that it makes it hard to insist that the Court stick to the Constitution when a law is clearly contrary to the Framers’ intent. The Court has used an “evolving standards, changing times” approach to uphold all sorts of federal encroachments under the Interstate Commerce Clause, for example, and those cases have done more damage than local tyrannies such as Texas’s sodomy ban. On balance, I think, it pays to argue for a jurisprudence more closely tied to the Constitution’s text and intent than the Lawrence decision was. Sometimes the result will be that states are allowed to unjustly infringe on people’s freedom, but more often it will be that the federal government’s power is curtailed.

  2. jacob: don’t forget that it is easier to overturn an unjust state law than to remedy an unjust ruling

  3. Jacob Sullum,

    Given your rationale, _Plessy_ ought to still be on the books, because it to be frank mirrors quite better the 14th Amendment’s framers notions than does _Brown_. The court should have also upheld interracial marraige bans according to your logic as well. And the 8th Amendment’s mandate would not preclude capital punishment for blasphemy (ignoring the 1st Amendment for the moment), a common offense in 18th century America, or preclude the state governments from using the typical techniques of torture common in 1791 either. To be frank, being hamstrung by the prejudices of men who have been dead for nearly two-hundred years is not the way to go. As I note before, there are lot of wacky libertarians who would be willing to sacrfice the liberty of others on the altar of “states’ rights,” because of some desire for ideological purity. To be frank, the dangers presented by an overactive court are far outweighed by the dangers of the governments we elect.

  4. Anon @ 2:04,

    Actually, it depends on the context; it was much, much easier to overturn _Plessy_ than it ever would have been to end segregation in the South via the ballot box.

  5. ^thanks, i was just gonna say that. (or something like that, anyway.)

  6. Frankly, Croesus, I’m not certain it would have been quite as impossible as you suggest. It is of course difficult to know, but it’s not completely unreasonable to suppose that attitudes would have shifted anyway. You fail to recognize the importance of the “culture of honor” that exists in the South. All the insults and threats from the North were bound to make most Southerners only more obstinate about segregation. For a lot of Southerners, “states’ rights” did have a real meaning– not a technical legal or philosophical one, but more in a sense of “defending ourselves against a bunch of Yankees insulting us and telling us what to do.”

    Having one’s honor insulted will make a man do stupid things, especially in the South.

    Mr. Sullum, thank you for expressing my own dissatisfaction with the decision. A Court which claims that rights shift with public opinion is dangerous, because public opinion can shift in many ways, not all of them protective of rights.

  7. Stephen Fetchet:
    OK, since I’m more of a minarchist than a pure anarchist I’ll clarify my statement so you won’t make such interesting conclusions.

    “i consider liberty the absence of laws that take away personal and economic freedoms, so regardless of how or why anyone gets rid of a law of that nature, i see that as being friendly to liberty.”


    and, as i said before…i’m talking about the end result not the process. this nit-picky federalism really makes me sigh. I agree with Croesus on this:
    “As I note before, there are lot of wacky libertarians who would be willing to sacrfice the liberty of others on the altar of “states’ rights,” because of some desire for ideological purity.”

    personally, i could care less who makes the damn laws (feds, states, local, etc), i just want government’s role in my life minimized. it seems like moving the problem from one spot to another really doesn’t solve anything. especially when the only check you are going to put on local laws is mob opinion. that sounds even more dangerous than what exists today.

  8. When the libertarian revolution comes, liberals like me will do just fine in a low-intensity reeducation center and a lower management job in a small business. Those of you who are a slightly wrong shade of libertoid, however, will end up making tie dye in a gulag somewhere.

  9. GR, I’m not sure I follow you. Most legislation, it seems to me, doesn’t create new ‘law’ in the sense you mean. For example, think of the employment relationship. Today, that relationship is subject to extensive regulation–wages, conditions, etc. In the past, however, there was still law on those subjects. There has always been ‘law’ on the subject of what a person must be paid as a wage–it’s just now the minimum is dictated by the state.

    It may seem a pedantic point, but in some cases it makes it easier to see that rights are simply being shifted around.

  10. John Thacker,

    The South had to be dragged kicking and screaming into modernity – partly by the courts. Why do you think black people used the court system the way they did? That is the NAACP and other groups? Because it was a political power outside of the South which could be used topple Dixie. The Scottsboro Boys case is a perfect example of this. Nine young men (most under the age of 18 at the time they were arrested) were given drumhead’s court justice by a racist Alabama court system, and the only thing that saved them from the hangmen’s noose was the actions of the SCOTUS, which mandated not only that they had to receive adequate counsel, but that the jury system could not exclude black jurors as it had since the time the Redemption governments came to power in the 1870s.

    As far as a “culture of honor” is concerned, I don’t see much that is honorable about a system which treats other human beings as sub-humans, and mandates that they play a secondary role in society on political, economic and other levels no matter what their talents are.

    BTW, if getting the racist Southern governments to change their minds about civil and political rights was so easy, why did every Southern government when faced with change over a thirty period (the civil rights movement starts in the 1930s after all, so its not like they didn’t have time to “adjust”) go down swinging?

    What really pisses me off is the fucked up assumption that we should have simply allowed the Southern governments to continue to evolve slowly over time, when every day they existed was an affront to liberty. GR I suspect that you are White, and that the only way you could make such an horrifying argument is because you’ve never felt the sting of racist oppression. Like I said earlier, many libertarians seem to willing to sacrifice the liberties of others on the altar of states’ rights.

  11. Croesus:

    why are you attacking me when i was agreeing with you.

    was that a typo??

  12. GR,

    Whoops. I meant John Thacker. Sorry dude. I went a little apoplectic there. 🙂

  13. Now I’m confused. Is GR the cracker or is John Thacker?

  14. Jacob is correct that we are better off, on balance, with a court that limits itself to applying the Constitution as written. Judges, like the odious O’Connor, who believe it is their role to reflect “emerging political consensus” or somesuch claptrap are exceedingly dangerous to liberty.

    These judges can all too easily be sold on positive “rights” that result in infringements on the liberty of the rest of us. For example, the closure of male sports programs through Title IX, the infringement on speech and association of “hostile workplace” doctrines, and the entire discriminatory edifice of affirmative action, are almost entirely the result of judicial activism with little to no textual support in statute or, needless to say, the Constitution. One can multiply examples of judicial legislation by activist judges that result in a reduction of liberty ad infinitum.

    I find it incredible that purported libertarians would fall into the trap of supporting judicial activism just because, today, it resulted in a decision you like. This contravenes the basic rule of libertarianism – keep the government’s powers limited because someday your enemies will wield those powers.

  15. GR:

    The worst the SC and other federal courts can do is NOT nothing. Ever hear of an injunction? There are some school districts, like Little Rock’s for instance, where more policy is made by the courts than by the school board. Right now, the Arkansas Supreme Court has effectually turned the state into one big school district run by the legislature, based on a state constitutional guarantee of equity in school funding. Don’t you think W’s “Leave No Child’s Behind Untouched” act presents similar potential for using placing local schools under direct court supervision?

    And don’t even get me started on the role of court injunctions in labor disputes.

  16. T Hartin,

    “For example, the closure of male sports programs through Title IX…”

    There would be no Title IX w/o the US Congress.

    “…the infringement on speech and association of “hostile workplace” doctrines”

    Wouldn’t be any of that without a right to sue created by the US Congress.

    “…and the entire discriminatory edifice of affirmative action…”

    Again, Congress and the state legislatures created AA, and the courts ruled that it was Constitutional under some circumstances. Without the actions of the Congress, etc. it wouldn’t exist. Should I call you clueless?

    I’m not a libertarian.


    Seems to me you have even less to complain about, given that you have described the court’s decision being ground in your own state’s constitution. If you don’t want equity in funding, it seems that a state consitutional amendment is in order.

  17. joe,

    He he he – you are absolutely correct. A libertarian revolution and the “political order” that would follow would mirror the “revolution eating itself” that occurred in the USSR and Revolutionary France. 🙂

  18. Although there is some unfortunate language in the Lawrence opinion, the ultimate holding does not seem to me to do violence to the Constitution. As Glenn Reynolds has argued in several published papers, there is historical support for an interpretation of the Constitution that permits certain powers to be reserved to the people through the Ninth Amendment, whether or not there is any actual text supporting the right in the Constitution.

    It is an unfortunate byproduct of the Bill of Rights that the enumeration of those rights was implied to mean there were no others, and Legislatures (either state or Federal) could restrict liberty when it felt like it. It is entirely consistent with the Constitution to hold that a right of privacy is a power reserved to the people except when the Constitution explicitly delegates power to the government to regulate that liberty in certain limited ways.

    Viewed in that context, the right of privacy that was expanded in Lawrence is not an invitation to an activist court to rewrite the Constitution to restrict liberty. Instead, it is a recognition that the framers intended through the Ninth Amendment to leave broad powers to the individual to act as he pleases.

    Viewed in this way, Lawrence and its progeny simply stand for the proposition that the majoritarian view that the Constitution generally should not interfere with the Legislative process at the state level (permitting tyrannies in the name of States Rights) is inconsistent with the powers reserved to the individual.

    There is a strong element of Natural Law to this argument, which was certainly a prevalent strain of legal thought in eighteenth century America. Thus, although I can respect Justice Thomas’ position, I am not convinced that the libertarian response to that position should be disappointment at the process, even though the result is consistent with libertarian ends.

  19. i guess it depends on what you consider liberty. as i said in a separate post, do you consider liberty to be your ability to limit the freedom of others by criminalizing their actions?

    i consider liberty the absence of laws, so regardless of how or why anyone gets rid of a law, i see that as being friendly to liberty.

    perhaps it’s not friendly to process, but that is a separate argument.

    let’s think about this…
    every year, legistlative branches meet and pass more and more laws. this means that every year the citizens of the US are less free than they were the year before.

    do the legislative branches ever meet for the purpose of reducing the number of laws restricting the freedoms of the people they represent? i’ve never heard of this happening, especially not on a regular basis.

    so, what branch of government is the only one that regularly meets with the purpose of deciding whether a law limiting the freedom of US citizens should exist? the Supreme Court. the worst thing the SC could do is uphold a law that already exists…they cannot spontaneously generate laws. Therefore, they can only keep our level of freedom the same (uphold the law), or increase freedom by limiting/throwing out laws. so, their effect on freedom is only 0 or a positive number, never a negative. Therefore, this is the only branch of government that makes us a freer people each year.

    know your enemy.

  20. GR, wait until Bush nominees get onto the court, your net 0 to positive rating will plummet like the stock market.

  21. please elaborate if you think this is true. your statement doesn’t really carry much weight.

    the only foreseeable way this could happen is to uphold a law that is unconstitutional, no?

    my argument is simply that there cannot be a “tyranny” of the SC since some other “majority” (whether public or legislative) was the root cause of the problem by having the law(s) passed in the first place. so, the worst thing the SC can do is nothing.

  22. >>i consider liberty the absence of laws, so
    >>regardless of how or why anyone gets rid of
    >>a law, i see that as being friendly to liberty.

    So then GR, Rwanda, Afghanistan, and Liberia, which have gotten rid of all laws, are the truest expressions of human liberty in the world?

    And I guess machete-fueled genocide is okay with you, too.

    Of course I’m giving short shrift to Cuba, North Korea and China, where there are supposedly laws on the books, but everybody knows that there are no laws, only the whims of the oligarchs.

    So which social philosopher provides your organizing theories – Rousseau, Hobbes, or both?

  23. GR,

    Bussing. Not taking a side here. Just sayin’.

  24. GR; remember that there are situations where a particular law is not universal, but rather just in a few states, that the SC upholds in such a way that all states have to have that law. The bush nominees aren’t necessarily bad; they cerainly will be better than the Sandra O’Connor vote, particularly if it happens to be Alberto Gonzales, who is a good guy.

  25. “Viewed in that context, the right of privacy that was expanded in Lawrence is not an invitation to an activist court to rewrite the Constitution to restrict liberty. Instead, it is a recognition that the framers intended through the Ninth Amendment to leave broad powers to the individual to act as he pleases.”

    Codswollop. No one is less friendly to anti-gay laws than I am, but this bending and reaching to pretend that _Lawrence_ is anything but raw judicial power that secures a result we happen to very much like, is most unseemly coming from libertarians, who generally are possessed of a high degree of intellectual honesty. (Indeed, I think it is one of our defining characteristics.)

    Sodomy was a felony at common law when the BOR, including the 9th Amendment, was adopted. Neither the drafters nor the ratifiers REMOTELY understood themselves to be creating a legal aparatus for abolishing that felony. I’d like to see that done however — properly — and so would ardently support an amdnement adding a privacy right for all consensual behavior between or among adults (includuing the right to ingest, inject or or inhale any susbtance we like). But that principle does not honestly reside in the document we have now. Period.

    If ANY current outrage would tempt me to welcome judicial activism and an erstaz right to privacy, it would be the war on drugs. That obscenity is destroying lives and the 4th Amenendment, as well as property and other rights. But we won’t see that happen, because the word “drugs” causes judges to contract liberties, notwithstanding the clear purpose of the 4th Am. But homosexuals currently enjoy favor among the intellectual class, so a small outrage (in comparison) like that TX statute gets deep-sixed while we continue to lock folks up for acting as if they should be able to decide what chemicals should go into their own bodies. Whatever all this is, it has nothing to do with an honest jurisprudence; it is pure faddishness. It is still chic to revile drugs and those who use and sell them, but homophobia is no longer something the well-educated wish to be associated with — that is a desireable social trend, but how does it constitute jurisprudence?

    And finally, Sullum is correct: embrace Lawrence, and I’d like to see the principled argument that the Supremes err when they eviscerate the 10th Am and turn the Commerce Clause into a carte blanche for federal power.

  26. “Sodomy was a felony at common law when the BOR, including the 9th Amendment, was adopted. Neither the drafters nor the ratifiers REMOTELY understood themselves to be creating a legal aparatus for abolishing that felony.” Yes, Mona, and marital rape was not a felony – a husband had the right to demand sex from his wife, and take it by force if necessary. Do you have a Constitutional objection to the new and improved understanding of rape laws? Why do you insist that our legal system has to be trapped in the ignorance of prejudices of people who died before my great-grandparents were born? The Constitution doesn’t, for example, say “cruel and unusual (as we writing the document understand the terms) punishment…” Public hangings were not considered cruel back then.

    We need to drop the Ouija Board routine, and apply the timeless principles of the Constitution in the only way we mere mortals can – through our own knowledge and experience.

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    The Criminal Procedure Code.
    Let’s publish their address and name to the style that it isn’t possible to do a selfish thing !
    Only the person who want to become a policeman in such condition, let’s admit to become a policeman !
    Consequential !
    The official is the public server of the people chosen people task ! It is an entrusting contract on the civil law.
    ? It is free originally !
    The difference between the government service and the people overflows !
    ????????????????????????????????Now, writing.

    To grumble is said as frivolous.
    It is because the hearing person is troublesome.
    It is because he wants to do to be easy.
    It is running about trying to escape from the thing where the immediateness is troublesome for all.
    It tries to move around to the side which seems as strong as possible, the side which it seems that is as easy as possible.
    It is ??? while thinking only of stealing existing one.

    Victims are killed by devil being called a god and smile.
    If continuing to strike the person who is in from the outside at the jail with the lash, the person do bloodshed each other in it.
    It is because the person who is in seeks morphine.
    It seeks the relative superiority complex which can be easily gotten by the immediate victim.

    They are telling for all men to die silently.
    It is thinking only of all immediate pleasures.
    Only the person who could get status by good fortune can get high pay and is happy.
    They are dropping an immediate person on the hell for a little pleasure.
    The person of the blood type of A has such a tendency specifically.
    They die while they are glad about the misfortune of the person.
    They can forget even in their misfortune by the misfortune of a stranger.
    In other words, the group commits suicide.
    In the Europe, the thing that the developed time of the law, the welfare and the ethnology ( the Bible ) was early will be one of the reasons.
    Because the consideration circuit is simple, the O person is thinking only of wining in the atmosphere.
    All of they die while they make them cool.
    It is just like to the style of the hell’s angel and the soldier.
    Therefore, no one wakens to the present situation.
    It likes for the person of AB to be riding a wind in the singleness.
    The person of B is very disadvantageous status.
    It is because the instinctive greed is strong and an animal they like-ly, and moreover they have an imagination and they are an equalitarianism.

    The Buddhism is the trap which India floated down.
    It is a revenge on the rice ( the U.S. ) thief.
    To make them do bloodshed.

    It loses life if knowing an enemy and knowing you.

    There is not a father.

    In the Buddhism, no father lets me know.
    Because it is killed when saying what it is.
    Nothing is written in the scripture, too.
    It uses a character like the cryptography and only the appearance is excellent.
    Even what it is saying is unclear.
    Rather, it is saying that you die silently.
    The father brandishes a stick.
    It beats a head ( the wooden drum ) and it intimidates neighborhood.
    In Shorin-ji, the father does a fight and is doing a person by the beating to death.
    It shaves a hair off by itself and it becomes an appearance like the skeleton, it recommends a fast and it is devil itself.
    All is dreaming a dream.
    It is a foolish crowd !
    To escape from the pain, it is immersed to the pleasure of morphine.
    All has an ugly face.
    The body to crush each other !
    They are the devil who left livestock in exchange for the bean.
    All is being upset.
    They call the criminal ( the hacker ) who kills us a god.

    In Japan the sales person in the department and the supermarket think that it is permitted to put a poison in the food if he sells at the half price.
    Though it is illegal that they do the one package sale which put a condition, they do it because it is glad because the superiority complex can be noticed.
    Policeman do nothing because they want to be easy. Because it is easier to support to the strong side.
    Rather, they seem to glad about the misfortune of the person.

    It’s a novel, you hope.

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