"How come nobody's been fired yet?"


That's the question the NY Post's Robert George asks in a smart column on the weapons of mass destruction snafu. He calls the failure to talk straight about bad intelligence info "a real embarrassment to the image of the United States, and potentially a colossal one—at a time when that image needs to be strongest."

If the public has reason to doubt the accuracy of the advice and information the president is receiving, they will become increasingly skeptical of the support and sacrifices he asks of them.

Thus, it is in Bush's own best interests—political and diplomatic—to get this matter straightened out.

At stake, right now, are no less than the credibility of the nation's intelligence apparatus, the word of the president and the integrity of United States. It's time for some accountability.

As interesting as what's being said here is who's saying it–George is a conservative, GOP loyalist, not your father's Bush-basher.