Without a Net


Bill O'Reilly has produced a particularly asinine set of talking points complaining about people who write things on the World Wide Web. Sample:

The reason these net people get away with all kinds of stuff is that they work for no one. They put stuff up with no restraints. This, of course, is dangerous, but it symbolizes what the Internet is becoming.

Bloggers, unsurprisingly, are gnashing away at the Factor's soft flesh, with Eugene Volokh and James Lileks leading the attack.

Among Bungalow Bill's more confident assertions is that "you can bet you won't be seeing many corrections on the net." This is true, narrowly—O'Reilly's June 7 column misidentifying Los Angeles Times Editor John Carroll as John "Roberts" has yet to be corrected on the Web sites of either Creators Syndicate or AOL's Intellivu.