Fat Tax


The British Medical Association wants to tax biscuit-loving, chips-gorging impulses out of the public. It?s proposing a 17.5 percent VAT on fatty foods. Of course, living in London as a student, I put on half a stone because I couldn?t afford to eat much other than greasy Indian food and the occasional Yorkie. I?m guessing a tax like this will drive the student population toward filling up on a steady diet of Foster?s, Guinness, and Carlsburg.

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7 responses to “Fat Tax

  1. While I am opposed to any such tax, people could do worse than a diet made up largely of Guinness.

  2. Sadly, the diet will probably made up of Budweiser unless things have changed since I was over there. I couldn’t believe that with all these excellent beers on tap – not the greatest, Belgium it’s not – it was somehow trendy for the youngins to drink overpriced Bud. Anyone else notice that?

  3. and carlsberg isn’t that good… (fosters/ heineken/ bud level)


  4. images of the simpsons “big book of british smiles” flashing thru my head.

  5. Screw the beer. That’s what ramen is for. You can even eat it with chopsticks to avoid having to buy silverware.

  6. Bah!

    VAT on fatty foods?!?!?


    Glad I’m not over there anymore… those brits can be mighty odd about things. And you can’t get a glass of sweet iced tea to save your life.

    Now, if I could just figure out what they have against southern hospitality (everyone says I’m so cheeky!)…


  7. Guiness is the work of Satan.

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