Drug testing kids


Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer defended the court's decision to allow schools to test students for drug use, calling it "a reasonable way to stop children from experimenting with narcotics."

He said drug testing for participation in extracurricular activities helps people who don't want to use drugs. A student "can say to his friends, `Well, I want to go out for sports next year, well, I want to join the debate team, well, I want to be on the newspaper, so you see I can't.' "

Drug Czar John Walters clearly agrees.

And schools everywhere from Texas to Illinois to North Carolina are showing a disturbing interest in their students' urine.

But it doesn't work. Reports Saturday's New York Times:

[A] new federally financed study of 76,000 students nationwide, by far the largest to date, found that drug use is just as common in schools with testing as in those without it.