Fear and Loathing at the Cartoon Expo


The American Family Association visits a comic book convention and freaks out. Seems you can't shake a stick there without hitting porno, Satanism, or frightful scenes like this one:

Heather had a disturbing encounter with an artist who, in his own words, was 'prostituting himself' for the day to raise money for his newest project. He had a sign at his booth similar to this:

Peck on the cheek…$1.00
Kiss on the lips…$3.00
French kiss…$5.00

Unfortunately he had 'customers.'

Now the AFA is taking aim at the Make a Wish Foundation, which not only held two charity events in this nest of sin but permitted gambling at the first fundraiser and alcohol at both. "Send a letter," the family folks suggest, to "let them know their association with known pornographic events is harmful to their character and credibility."

[Via Gravity Lens.]