Dixie Down in Georgia


The AP reports that Georgia has canned its short-lived but much-despised state flag, dubbed a "visual train wreck of words, seals and stars."

The retired flag, created in 2001, replaced the increasingly controversial state flag that prominently referenced the Confederate battle flag's stars and bars (that flag had been adopted in 1956 and was widely understood as a reaction to the burgeoning civil rights movement).

Georgia's brand-new flag went up poles today. It "displays the state's coat of arms and the words 'In God We Trust' on a blue corner in the top left, with three red-and-white stripes to the right."

However, progress on this issue is to be measured in inches, not feet. The new flag still references the Peach State's slave-owning past, drawing its inspiration from the Confederacy's national flag.

Read Georgia's own Charles Oliver on "southern nationalism," a controversial review he wrote for Reason a couple of years back.