25 Years Ago in Reason:


"The greatest enemies of free enterprise in the U.S. are intellectuals and businessmen."

— Milton Friedman, "Which Way for Capitalism?"

"Our Doublespeak Award goes to Judge Donald T. Barbeau of Minnesota, who rejected Mr. Michael Dengler's petition to name (number?) himself "1069" on the grounds it was 'an offense to basic human dignity and inherently totalitarian.'"

— Brickbats, Bill Birmingham

"The plain fact is that an exclusive concentration on the theory and economics of liberty is not the only kind of battle to undertake today. There is no guarantee in any complex problem that the political dimension is the essential cause of that problem or that the State is the essential or fundamental villain."

— Edith Efron, "The Petr Principle"

"A [Louisiana] state law making the husband the 'head and master' of the property and finances in a marriage has been ruled unconstitutional."

— Trends