Won't the Real Slim Saddam Please Stand Up?


Dueling letters: Wit among lords Thomas Friedman does one of his ventriloquized letters from A to B; this one is from Saddam to Bush. Meanwhile, Al-Quds Al-Arabi has a letter said to be from the real Saddam. MEMRI has the translation.



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  1. At least Tom’s got the mustache down. Personally, I think Saddam’s a better writer.

  2. Yo stop frontin’ B-dogg. You know it ain’t like ‘dat. I’m eatin’ ten times mo’ pussy than you now, bitch. And you actin’ like you all big up in herre. The man, has his dick sucked on a regular basis. But open ya eyez and see some ol’ ho wif no teef in her mouf. Feel real good, uh. Don’t it, bitch, uh, feel real, uh, good. Mah niggah, you ain’t got shit.

    Nu Kingz of Babylon in tha Hizzouse, yo.

  3. Tom Friedman is a pretentious asshole. Did you see him on “Face the Nation” when he appeared with Rumsfeld? He acted like a fifth grade know-it-all. And does anyone remember his “new economy” forecasts?

  4. Quadruple dittos here, Croesus, though I think Friedman may just be another man driven berserk from spending too much time thinking about the Arab world. Friedman, Edward Said, Daniel Pipes, Robert Fisk, Tim Cavanaugh… Media about the middle east are teeming with once-interesting writers who eventually turned into one-note caricatures.

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