Cuban Common Sense


An interesting take on Cuba's recent spate of repression and various responses to it from Raul Dimas at Brainwash. Here's a snippet:

Let?s retire one particularly tired and self-contradictory ?argument? against U.S. policy toward Cuba: The embargo is a convenient ?excuse? for the Castro regime?s failures.

At the minimal risk that a generalization like this creates, nobody who believes in (or at the very least understands) capitalism still holds that Cuba is an economic sinkhole because of U.S. foreign policy. As such, it is foolish to claim that the embargo is an ?excuse? for the Castro regime?s economic failure. This argument shifts blame to the Cuban people, for their implied stupidity. No ?migr? I?ve ever met believes their hardship resulted from U.S. policy. The embargo is an ?excuse? only to the Left, for whose intellectual shortcomings I make no defense.

Everyone in Havana knows they receive one bar of soap per month because of decisions made by Castro, not Washington. To argue otherwise is to deny the Cuban people an ?insight? most Americans take as common sense.

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