Cut, Paste, Throw in a Little Local Color


For connoisseurs of plagiarism scandals, this one is a real treat.

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  1. Damn, those facts and witnesses. Always gettin’ in the way of a good story about how bad white folks are.

  2. It’s like dey got nothin’ else to reort. So day make up storys.

  3. Political power comes from dividing groups. No division, no power. The lefties and race-baiters are really good at it.

  4. The lefties are good at it? They’re amateurs. Let me tell you a story ’bout a man named O’Reilly.

  5. O’Reilly = entertainer

    Leftism = real political movement

    Sven is just a victim of leftist moral relativism. In his mind a guy on TV is the same as someone such as Al Sharpton, a man with real political power.

  6. Real political power. What flavor of crack have you been smoking? Real political power is a daily audience of 3.3 million and growing, not counting the radio show newspaper columns, website and whatever else he’s got his grimy little hands on.

  7. Boy, it didn’t take long for *this* discussion to drift…

  8. Sven: He balences out the Dixie Chicks and Tim Robbins on the Left. But unfortunatly for the Left, all they have is entertainers. Fun to watch yet uncreative, dull to talk to and will dance to whatever tune is profitable (sort of like strippers).

  9. heh, sharpton’s real political power is in making people run away from him when he attempts to endorse them. 🙂

    o’reilly has some sort of cultural power (of a particularly hilarious variety) but i don’t think he has all that much political power. unless preventing rap stars from making a cash from endorsements every so often is political power.

  10. O’Reilly is just a populist lightweight. All he does is tell a certain group of people what they want to hear. I’m not sure where Sven is looking when he sees him as a divisive race-baiter. The Left has race-baiting down to an ART, not that they need to do it to get elected. Leftists are amateurs at division? Tell that to the morons who decry everything our government does as “racist.” That’s their buzzword, mantra, and credo. If you can’t come up with a decent argument, that grand old slur will do.

    O’Reilly’s stuff about a boycott of French goods is ludicrous, I’ll grant you. If he just wants to piss off France, he need only remind them that they have little if anything worth boycotting.

  11. Hey…the story you linked to moved to another URL…

    The link on Hit & Run goes to a story advocating Atheism.

  12. Thanks, Xmas. I just fixed it.

  13. Wait a minute… you mean stuff in newspapers is supposed to be factual? I never knew that.

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