More on Medical Freedom


A little birdie (who happens to be my boss) reminded me that while I'm on the topic of reproductive choice and medical freedom, I might link to this previous column I wrote on making oral contraception in general over-the-counter (actually, I'd be happy with behind-the-counter).

Having spoken with the kind people at a local branch of Planned Parenthood just the other day, I'm reminded again that it's as much well-meaning health care practitioners as it is the law that's putting unecessary obstacles between women and birth control. (The law, of course, enables them.)

But whatever my complaints, I'm really glad Planned Parenthood exists. Given the status quo, the organization is filling a real hole in affordable women's health care, in a very supportive environment. I do wish that when they send me letters asking for donations, they'd give me the option to limit my contributions to actual upkeep of the clinics, rather than have them used to support a raft of political activities. Someday I will get around to writing them a letter about this.