Journalist Celebrates Freedom…


…by looting Iraq. Boston Herald reporter Jules Crittenden busted with five-foot painting taken from one of Saddam's palaces. No word on whether it was that velvet sword-and-sorcery babe spotted in Uday's apartment.

NEXT: Tariq Aziz in Custody

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  1. Geraldo has already done worse than loot one of Saddam’s love shacks. He just makes sh** up. You don’t see anyone at Faux News complaining, do you?

    Oh, and I don’t think Rowena ever painted on velvet. (I wonder if Saddam owned any Frazettas?)

  2. I’m ashamed that Jules Crittenden comes from Massachusetts.

  3. The FOX News Sound engineer smuggled 12 paintings of Saddam, Uday, and other Arab scenes, as well as Iraqi bonda and a badge…

    These palace furnishings stories have been so tacky-like a John Waters film, with more torture and

  4. Well, we are there to liberate, right?

  5. The Fox News engineer was fired. Crittenden wasn’t. Hard to believe, but this was once case where Fox actually held the higher moral ground. Wonder what they would have done, though, if it was Geraldo looting the palace?

  6. Geophile:

    That painting probably was on one of the cheap ass fantasy you used to read. The artwork was done by Rowena Morril, who has done the cover paintings for many fantasy novels.

  7. hahaha! I was wondering if anyone else had noticed that painting… Reminds me of the covers of the cheap-ass fantasy novels I used to read.

    BTW, wasn’t someone from FOX News also involved in smuggling out a gold-plated rifle or something?

  8. FOX is just ridiculous. In an age of declining intellectual standards, they set the standard for naive vapidity. I don’t exactly like CNN et al, but at least they ask a few questions.

    If FOX was serious about being conservative, they’d look more like World Net Daily and less like BushCo cheerleaders.

    The cockroach-like indestructibility of Geraldo continues to surprise me. I will never forget (or forgive) “Al Capone’s Vault.”

  9. Sheesh… if they keep this crap up, we’re going to look like Switzerland after France rolled over.

    “Oh, look – tons of priceless French paintings… how did those get over the mantlepiece?”


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