Death to Dixie


Chicks, that is.

The BBC reports that the Dixie Chicks have received death threats after lead singer Natalie Maines' slagged George W. Bush and war in Iraq. The gals will be yapping about the whole thing tonight on ABC's Primetime.

Meanwhile, "Tim C.," the shadowy proprietor of Famous Idiot, a site that mocks "anti-American celebrities," said that he has been targeted with death threats. He told Fox & Friends, that of half of the 1,000 emails he gets a day are hate mail and some have included death threats.

Newsmax–a media outlet that rivals ABC's Primetime for legitimacy–reports that similar gestures have been made against another Web site, Hollywood Halfwits.

This sort of feudin' may require redrawing the red and blue maps from Election 2000. It seems the real dividing line in America is your stance on who you send death threats to.