10,000 Maniacs


Just a brief note to commemorate a milestone here at Hit & Run: We just cracked the 10,000 comment barrier. Thanks to all readers–even or perhaps especially the bilious detractors who question our facts, perspective, and sanity–who have offered up opinions since the blog's debut in December.

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  1. hey. What do I win for being the 10,000th posting?

  2. A hearty “thanks” and a kick in the nuts.

  3. If someone only posts a question, does it count as a comment?

  4. Congrats!

    To many more.

  5. “the bilious detractors who question our facts, perspective, and sanity” Yeah – I hate those guys! 😉


  6. What the hell are you talking about? This is no cause for celebration. We still have troops in Iraq, and you’re spouting off about comments? Get a real job, you nutcase.

  7. huh?

    but all work and no play…


  8. Where exactly is the proof that 10,000 comments have been posted? Am I just supposed to take this as gospel truth?

  9. Nick Gillespie is a dissembling psychopath. Do you expect me to believe this 10,000-comments propaganda? That post reminds me of something the 1950s-era Soviet Union would announce – we have exceeded our 5-year quota of libbie commenting!

    “Noble comment-makers have, in the spirit of of sidewalk-privatizers the world over, demonstrated to the world the superiority of the libertarian message board system!”

    Just kidding. Congratulations on a great site.

  10. Wow! This guy is OLD!

  11. Best wishes to Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan. Alan Greenspan is going to have surgery on his enlarged prostate. Doctors say they?re going to reduce it by one-quarter of a percentage point.

  12. odometer watching are we? remember to look out the window once in awhile 😀 the car’s my destination, cheers!

  13. Reason is popular? The free market has gone too far.

  14. I possess issues of Reason going back to 1971.
    I can’t help but believe that this wonderful blend of technology and the play of ideas is the realization of foresight and principle that have consistantly appeared in Reason throughout the years. Thank you for this community of the mind. Kudos Reason!

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