"A punk like Frum"


The neo vs. paleo war for the conservative movement is now deep in name-calling mode. Taki Theodoracopulos, editor of The American Conservative, has called out National Review's David Frum. Taki literally dares Frum to sue him after claiming that Frum was fired from his White House speechwriter gig. Here's hoping Frum responds with a cage-match challenge.

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  1. Name calling is nothing new for Taki. He’s renowned for it. That’s why I like him. Name calling with style is a hard to find talent.

  2. If only Hayek were here to say:
    Another reason I am not a conservative

  3. I thought that only people on the left engaged in self-aggrandizing, over-glorified pissing contests. I guess I was wrong.

    Also, Mr. Taylor, several of your links did not work. Taki’s article on Frum is here, and the bios of American Conservative can be seen here.

  4. And then we find out the GOP is infested with anti-patriots. If the right hates America too, who will save us?

  5. What constitutes an “anti-patriot?” And how is nationalism tied to libertarianism?

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