U.S. Finds Suspicious Chemicals in Iraq


Here we go again. Will it pan out this time? The AP report is here.

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  1. I still like Syria’s tact calling Israel out on their WMD. The anti-WMD argument always sounded stupid to me anyway, like the anti-hangun lobby or whomever. It’s like being anti-weapon or anti-tool. Just say you don’t like them and their mother and get on with it. No need to beat around the bush decrying countries developing WMD. Of course they’re going to, that’s what nations are *supposed* to do dumbasses! (except for Japan of course 🙂

  2. The whole thing of “we found it!” and then “no, we didn’t!” is an artifact of the 24-7 news cycle.

    I am confident that they will be found.

  3. Yeah, and why don’t you praise Jesus and give me a Hallelujah while you’re at it. Thank You.

  4. greetings!

    i share part of PoliBlogger’s view: the “yes/no” nature of reporting does indeed seem to be a biproduct of the 24/7 first to the punch news.

    whether weapons, elements, parts, or any other banned by the un stuff will be found, remains to be seen.

    then, Anon, since none of those incantations (halleluja, jesus, etc.) mean anything to me, can i take a pass on that and maybe do something else?


  5. Do whatever you want! That’s the whole of the law 😀

  6. So…Anon…why do you hate those with different beliefs so much? Are you afraid there might be a God and he might judge you in the end? If there isn’t, then, So Freakin’ What? If there is…?

  7. The chemical weapons as WMD seems a bit off-point anyway: terrorists can manufacture anything they need easily enough and likely don’t need the support of a government; although Saddam tossed plenty of ballistic missiles at Tehran, I don’t believe he employed chemical war-heads (could be wrong)…he might have tossed some at Israel, I suppose; chemical weapons were useful to Saddam against Iran and the Kurds– I’m told Iran used them too, and I think that so much of the protective gear found may have been from a concern for a Iranian “back-stab”.

    I would suspect that History will show that Saddam discovered that rebuilding his WMD after Gulf War I and the first inspection regime was more difficult than he cared to attempt…so to some degree, he worked to create a menacing impression/ a bluff.

    He was not in compliance with the stipulations of the Gulf War truce, and already lots of contraband weapons have been found (including 19 or so long-range missiles tossed at Kuwait).

    I’m not too troubled in my support for the war. Well, nobody is changing their opinion so far.

  8. “Such as: Forged documents of a phony uranium deal between Niger and Iraq”

    I read somewhere that the phony docs for that deal might have come from a French source. If that’s true, why ever would they do that? Why, they had to know they would be shown to be an obvious forgery right?

  9. You should read the original Judy Miller story on which the AP report is based: http://www.nytimes.com/2003/04/21/international/worldspecial/21CHEM.html

    “Under the terms of her accreditation to report on the activities of MET Alpha, this reporter was not permitted to interview the scientist or visit his home. Nor was she permitted to write about the discovery of the scientist for three days, and the copy was then submitted for a check by military officials…

    While this reporter could not interview the scientist, she was permitted to see him from a distance at the sites where he said that material from the arms program was buried.”

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