Project Coast Redux


Yet more freaky news—is there any other kind?—on the biowarfare front.

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  1. Note to weapons designers- Terrorists apparently pay better, and are more discrete.

    Way to go, FBI…

  2. They balked at a few lousy million?

  3. Part of that is some of my “lousy” taxdollars, jackass. I’d rather see them be frugal with it than spendthrift. And good on the Afrikaners besides. They *should* be developing their weapons capabilities. It’s the responsible thing to do and they’re entrepreneurial to boot. Allah akbar. And now that I think about it, I wouldn’t mind having WMD myself, and if the gov’t would stop taking my paper at the threat of imprisonment, I’d probably be ordering some of them vials. That way, I could tell the Feds to fuck off, which is probably why they don’t want me to have any kind of weapon in the first place, motherfuckers.

  4. fiction is still stranger than truth, unless it’s found out to involve a time traveling afrikaner *yawn* 😮 altho gas gangrene sounds pretty cool!

  5. How can anybody think it’s impossible for Project Coast, or any other secret program conducted by a government, to have introduced AIDS into the population during the late 1970s?

  6. Say what???

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