I Can't Hear You, I Have a Banana in My Ear


The CIA has a handbook on releasing information to the public. What does it say? I don't know: It won't release it to the public.

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  1. We’re just stupid “citizens” to them I guess. Had an aquaintence years back who had just joined the FBI (later went to the DEA) that he believed only Law Enforcement should have guns … as he salivated over his GI 9mm… There are many Nanny-wannabes in the government, and this sounds like their kind of rationale.


  2. I supposed the CIA could have avoided your snarky remarky by declining to reveal to the public the fact that they had a handbook on releasing information to the public.

  3. Xrlg–

    That probably isn’t in the handbook. But I guess we’ll never know…

  4. Just do what Xlrg implies that we should do. “Trust the government, they know what is best for us.” Some people need to read “The Plutonium Files.”

  5. Croesus:

    I’ve re-read my post, and still fail to see what part of it you think implies that we should (or, for that matter, should not) trust anybody. I just thought it was silly for Jesse to make an issue of the CIA being, well, the CIA.

  6. Xlrg,

    Its implied.

  7. Making an issue? I just think it’s funny. Get that banana out of your ear.

  8. Is that a banana in your ear or are you just happy to see me?

  9. Jesse, the trouble here is that your title is so much more delicious than the topic. mmmmm, banana….

  10. i’ll let ’em keep their precious propaganda manual secret if they promise to stop using their torture manual as well as handing it out to 3rd world police.

    gotta say though, if i ever need to torture someone, the trick about popping out one eye and leaving the nerve intact, giving a disturbing perspective and making it impossible to not see, say, what’s being done to other body parts, sounds pretty good.

  11. Hey Snarky,

    I’d like to know where you got a copy of the government’s torture manual. If that exists, it’s awfully bad press for the CIA…

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