Warning: Reference to Obscure 1980s Counterculture In-Joke Ahead


Could it … could it be? Was Saddam really "BOB" all along?

[Via Jim Treacher. Blame him.]

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  1. He is a little late. July 5, 1999 was when he was to come back was it not?

  2. On a slightly related note, the Illuminatus Trilogy should be required reading for anyone interested in obscure cultural/countercultural references.

  3. that or a grammy-award winning 1990s hip-hop ironically no-joke reference, i’d say.

  4. I resent the reckless use of a perfectly good name.

  5. This must be undersplained to those of us out of the loop. (The picture has something to do with Dallas? Outkast?)

  6. Looks like someone wandered off the Luck Plane.

  7. Bob “J.R.” Dobbs works in mysterious ways.

    See Also: Outkast’s B.O.B.

    Praise Bob.

  8. Come on, cut the guy some slack…

  9. Before we get too esoteric here. A bit of an explaination…


  10. Eris could kick Bob’s ass any day.

  11. Got that right.


  12. To set the record straight, J. R. “Bob” Dobbs predicted that the Xists would arrive on July 5, 1998, to Rupture up all dues-paying SubGenius Ministers into the Escape Vessels of the Sex Goddesses.

    Obviously, the Conspiracy has messed with the calendars throughout what we call “history,” and the actual July 5, 1998 hasn’t actually arrived yet. “Bob” sold it, I smoked it, that settles it.

    Maybe we’ll be lucky and July 5, 1998 will be tomorrow.

    Anyway, I think it’s a shame that “HAIL ERIS” hasn’t also shown up spray-painted on Baghdad walls, because that’s one place where it would REALLY be in keeping. If I were there with a spray-paint can, I’d do it myself.

    There are many SubGenii and Discordians in the military — possibly among the Iraqi people! Maybe among the Fedayeen! Hey, they didn’t call that studly media prophet “Baghdad Bob” for nothing.

    As Pope Bob Wilson will tell you, Dobbs and Eris work together to make sure nothing works out quite the way They want it. For instance, They tried to stage a Statue-Toppling, but somehow it spontaneously turned into a Head Launching. The guys surfing that big Head down the street after the Saddam statue was toppled in front of the Palestine Hotel — those were the SubGeniuses and the Discordians.

    The Discordians were pulling the Head, and the SubGenii were riding on it.

    Praise “Bob,” Hail Eris, Have Connie.

  13. That’s strange MD. I was under the impression that RAW was just a left-hippy.

  14. That’s http://www.rawilson.com, I’m pretty sure. And I should have typed “hippie,” not “hippy.” Mmm. Pie.

  15. It may sound silly, but it was Robert Anton Wilson’s books and the Principia Discordia that changed me from a moderate liberal to a libertarian. 🙂

  16. RAW’s such an odd guy, I’m not sure it’s possible to pin him down into one single part of the political spectrum. Specificly, one of the alternate universes in Schrodinger’s Cat Trilogy got me to thinking, and I realized that other books (especially Heinlein’s) I had read when I was younger had a similiar theme. From there I went on to read more non-fiction, visit libertatian web sites, etc.

    The book was written in the 70s, so it’s possible it was just a phase he was going through.

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