Sleepless in Damascus


In Haaretz, Zvi Bar'el gives the most cogent, informed, clear-headed assessment of Bashar Assad's predicament I've seen anywhere (not that I'm breaking my back looking). Well worth reading. Note that the "Lebanese opposition journal that is published in the United States" Bar'el uncharitably declines to name is actually the Middle East Intelligence Bulletin, a jim-dandy collaboration between right-wing Maronites and the talented Mr. Pipes. The specific "dossier" of Wafic Said Bar'el references is here. If you're looking for a Syria-invasion stroke mag with just that frisson of respectability (and these days who isn't?), you could do a lot worse than MEIB.

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  1. “Syria-invasion stroke mag.” Try to work that one into conversation sometime.

  2. the white house is becoming like the federal reserve. it’ll see how far jawboning will go, and then make a change when necessary and to show they’ll back it up.
    it’s foreign policy masquerading as monetary policy. just substitute int’l goodwill with the fed funds IR.

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