Your DNA Please


USA Today reports: "DNA profiles from juvenile offenders and from adults who have been arrested but not convicted would be added to the FBI's national DNA database under a Bush administration proposal." (link via Drudge)

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  1. This is not surprising: The entire trend of the Bush/Ashcroft law-enforcement legislation has been to establish a “guilty until proven innocent” principle. Or, more precisely (see, for example, the case of Mike Hawash), a principle of “guilty until proven innocent — assuming we even charge you with anything or give you the chance to defend yourself.”

  2. What will happen if someone discovers the “bad ass” gene? Can you really be convicted of a crime if you are genetically pre-disposed to anti-social behavior? If so, why not just lock up anyone who has the gene because, you know, eventually they will commit a crime. Or will we just have to rid the world of anyone possessing the gene so they can no longer reproduce?

  3. Ask Tom Cruise. He has a special lab for this sort of thing — complete with “Precogs.”

  4. We’ve been living under wartime rules of martial law for quite some time now, under the guise of the 5th Amendment; the suspension of due process in ‘time of War, or public danger’. Now that we have a terrorism alert system, we are offically ALWAYS in a state of public danger. Note how there isn’t a ‘No Danger’ level of alert, only ‘Low’, not ‘non-existant’. Hence, there is always a danger to the public.

    Also, most courthouses in the nation have in their courtrooms the Admiralty Flag, under which a different mode of due process is permitted (gold trimmed flag). By universally recognized international law, the purpose of any flag is to establish jurisdiction and what set of laws are in operation at any given place or time. (This is why many ships can change their flag to conduct business most efficiently.) The Admiralty Flag is designated for the purpose of indoor use during military courtmarshals. This is a military device, not civilian. Hence, military, or martial law. Under the rules of Admiralty, or courtmarshal, you are guilty until proven innocent. Article 3, Section 2 of the Constitution reserves this jurisdiction specifically to the Supreme Court, and no other entity.

    Just something to think about…

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