War Souvenirs


You can now (finally!) buy a deck of the "Most Wanted" playing cards used by U.S. troops to identify Iraqi bigwigs. No word yet on the wine and liquor from Uday's fine collection–which, according to Army Capt. Ed Ballanco, includes Dom Perignon, "French wines, all appellation controlee, some 30-40 years old," "a lot of very good brandy," and "a lot of good whiskey"–or the cheetahs from his zoo. The Cubans are gone, though. Ballanco's men took care of that.


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  1. Funny you should mention this. I received some spam about it mere minutes ago. War profiteering is reaching the absurd.

  2. Of course the hypocracy of Udai living a life of booze, drugs and loose women in a country that is nominally Muslim and does not allow such things is amazing. One has to wonder about that.

    Of course, it is a long standing historical tradition that the upper classes and ruling classes in any country in history have indulged themselves in things they deny to the population at large, right down to rich celebrities in America with armed body guards and limosines that want to deny us gun rights and make everyone drive smaller cars. No surprise there, I guess.

  3. I thought the weirdest thing in Uday’s collection was the heroin.

    Maybe Saddam isn’t dead, he’s just hiding out somewhere going cold turkey.

  4. What struck me as amusing was, despite Uday’s taste for 40 year old wines and expensive liquors, the beer found in his home was Miller and Corona.

    Of course, anyone who has a gold plated AK-47 can’t be expected to be a paragon of good taste.

  5. Actually you can’t quite “buy” the cards as of yet. According to the Central Command, only about 200 decks have been printed and have yet to be distributed. The cards that are showing up in places such as Ebay are being downloaded from a DOD website and printed out by the downloaders. Buyer beware.

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