Paging David Brooks


One of his bobos is loose.

It is doubtful Brooks, one of the founding lights of The Weekly Standard's school of national greatness who celebrated the end of "the libertarian grip on the GOP," would condone a self-identified "bourgeois bohemian" skating around and cutting down yellow support-the-troops ribbons. But that is the problem with a category that can hold both the uber-nerd Brooks and a Rollerblading, Walkman-wearing, former restaurant hostess who has taken up painting—recent subject, baboon stem cells—while turning to a channeled angel named Kryon for meaning.

Lynda Ragsdale said the yellow ribbons are not just pro-troops but pro-war. Now that's nuts. One can object to the mission while still holding out the fervent and honest hope that everyone on it returns safe. It is a distinction that those of us who stand in absolute opposition to the Drug War have long had to make—unless there are a bunch of folks out there hoping that cops get capped every night.