No. That's Not What I Meant


Japan needs real political change. What it just got is a masked professional wrestler as an office holder. The Great Sasuke was elected to a local legislature. He vows not to remove his mask for the job.

Wonder which Members of Congress should follow Great's lead and hide their faces?

(via Fark.)

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  1. Oh, and people in the US have never elected a wrestler to a public office before?

  2. You’re right we have. With hilarious consequences.

  3. For all the critisim the US gets from overseas, many Japanese (and Europeans) love anything that smacks of America. Sometimes with hilarious consequences. Perhaps he got elected precisely because of Jesse Ventura. Who knows?

  4. It should be mentioned that Sasuke is far from the first pro wrestler to hold public office in Japan–I think Inoki did, and so did–what’s-her-name–Dynamite Kansai? Maybe? Anyhow, Sasuke is probably the first masked wrestler to hold Japanese office, which is I guess what all the fuss is about. For what it’s worth, Sasuke is know for several great matches, botched attempts to bring Japanese cruiserwights into the US, and for getting dropped on his head a few more times than was really necessary.

  5. Sounds like Minnesota Prefecture.


    “Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to repeal the twenty-second article of amendment, thereby removing the limitation on the number of terms an individual may serve as President.”


    ‘With Republicans expecting President Bush to roll to reelection in 2004, their focus is fast turning to 2008 and whom the GOP will run against expected Democratic nominee Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton. Now, Whispers is told that Florida Gov. Jeb Bush looks strong. “If Jeb is in the mix” for the nomination, says a top GOP official, “it’s his.”‘

  8. this is libertarians darkest hour.

  9. Pride cometh before the fall. I am sure Republicans said this to themselves a lot before January 1998.

  10. After his determined RAVE Act maneuver, Joseph Biden is the Ace of Spades in that particular deck.

  11. Jesse Ventura’s a libertarian, probably the only libertarian governor in the US. Maybe electing wrestlers is a good idea.

  12. Jesse Ventura a libertarian? Eh?

    That’s a generous interpretation even if you don’t capitalize the L. Those of us who reside in an informed reality will note that Ventura is just a populist-centrist.

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