Good Proles Don't Drink


Check out these Soviet and American anti-drinking propaganda posters (er, public service announcements), along with some pretty funny commentary from the guys at Modern Drunkard Magazine. Link via Emmanuelle Richard.

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  1. “In this missive from the Soviet Union we see the human made melancholy by evil alcohol and the happy chimp grooving on some fruit juice. It?s that simple, pal! That?s why apes rule the world and we brood and masturbate in their filthy zoos!”

    Haven’t laughed this hard in a while Sara. Keep ’em comin’.

  2. I thought that “fruit juice” looked like a whiskey sour, but maybe that’s projection.

  3. I love these guys! No, I really love these guys!

  4. I found the modern drunkard commentary hilarious also…. but my interpretation of the poster’s message was that the alcohol reduced a man to the level of a chimp (it looked like some kind of alcoholic beverage the chimp was holding).

  5. WRT previous comment…. the ‘modern drunkard’ interpretation reminds me of an old Irish joke. A preacher, desiring to communicate the evils of alcohol to his congregation, asks them to consider this hypothetical scenario: “If you put a bucket of water, or a bucket of whiskey in front of a donkey, which one does he drink?” “Water” answers one of the parishoners. “Do you know why?”, queries the preacher. Comes a voice from the back, “Because he’s an ass.”

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