Chalabi in the Gloss


In response to my roundup of links on the man who appears to be the Bush administration's handpicked leader for post-war Iraq, Ahmed Chalabi, a reader writes: "You might want to look at January's Vanity Fair which meets the bank fraud charge head on and shows why some on Capitol Hill dismiss it. It also provides an alternative explanation for why the CIA would like to consign Chalabi to obscurity."

No link for the piece, but I thought it was worth passing on. I hope it was written by diarist Dominick Dunne: We'll be sure to find out that Chalabi has some kind of shadowy, vaguely thrilling connection to the Hell's Angels…

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  1. Well, hell. If Bush can put crooks on his staff in the Whitehouse, why not Iraq?

  2. You should at least get an award for best title for a post. Did some digging, article was written
    by a David Rose. He also wrote an article in “The
    Observer” in December in which he called for an
    immediate attack on Iraq and another article in an earlier (Sep 2002) issue critical of Scott Ritter, former UN inspector. I guess both these are no big suprise if He’s sticking up for Chalabi.

  3. Chalabi has apparently been bitching about the slow nature of the humanitarian effort in Iraq so far.

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