The U.N.'s "Vital Role"


Prez Bush declares that the United Nations will have a "vital role" in post-Saddam Iraq. Writes The WashPost:

HILLSBOROUGH, Northern Ireland, April 8—President Bush agreed today with British Prime Minister Tony Blair that the United Nations should have a "vital role to play" in postwar Iraq.


"When we say vital role, that's precisely what we mean," Bush said at a joint news conference at the end of two days of meetings with Blair. The United Nations, he said, "will be involved, along with the [U.S.-British military] coalition, in helping to set up an interim authority. But the Iraqi people are responsible for who's on that authority."

This should be very interesting to watch. Like most political spectacles, it should have the benefit of leaving everyone feeling cheated, from dovish U.N. sycophants to hawkish U.N.-bashers.